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Monday, July 29, 2013


emoticon Measurements (only to be recorded 8/1 and 9/1, unless known change on some)
Weight (only to be recorded 8/1 and then 9/1):
BMI (only to be recorded 8/1 and then 9/1):
Body Fat % (only to be recorded 8/1 and then 9/1):
Measurements (only to be recorded 8/1 and then 9/1):
-- Neck
-- Bust
-- Waist
-- Hips
-- Thighs (R/L)
-- Upper Arm (R/L)
-- Wrist (R/L)
-- Calves (R/L)
-- Ankle (R/L)
Shirt Size (only to be recorded 8/1 and 9/1, unless a change):
Pant Size (only to be recorded 8/1 and 9/1, unless a change):
Dress Size (only to be recorded 8/1 and 9/1, unless a change):
Bra Size (only to be recorded 8/1 and 9/1, unless a change):

emoticon Mood, Behavior and Daily Wellness
Mood Upon Waking:
Time of Getting Up:
Any snooze pushes?
How did you sleep?
Any Slumps/Tiredness/Dizziness throughout the day?:
Any Headaches?:
Pain Level of PF (1-10, 1 being fine and 10 being cannot put weight on it):
Any Stomach Pain or Discomfort? When? How long did it last?
Any noticeable skin changes?
Energy Level throughout the day:
Mood Upon Retiring:
Time retired to bed:

emoticon Meals. Include link to recipe and/or ingredient list.
Midday Snack:
After-Dinner Snack or Dessert (or before-dinner if football night):

emoticon Daily Activity
Early Morning Activity Type and Duration:
Early Morning Stretches Type and Duration:
Midday Activity Type and Duration:
Evening Activity Type and Duration:
Plank Time:
# of Pushups:
# of Crunches:
# of Squats:

The Ideal Day would look as follows -

4:30 am - Wake up, dress for workout
5:00 am - Walk or other cardio workout
5:45 am - Stretches/Yoga
6:00 am - Shower and Dress for Work
6:30 am - Breakfast, Pack Lunch if not done night before
7:00 am - Leave for Work
8:00 am - 4:00 pm - Work, with a 30 minute activity break around lunchtime
4:00 pm - Leave for Home
5:00 pm - Arrive Home, prep small snack or mini meal for Football Practice
5:30 pm - Football practice, Mom's 2nd workout if not volunteering (walk or strength exercises)
7:30 pm - Go home and prepare family Whole30 Approved meal, pack tomorrow's lunch
8:00 pm - Dinner
9:00 pm - Bed


Known Barriers:
* Regular Football Practices - I generally like to talk and hang out during football practice. I need to focus at least 15 minutes of time to a quick activity or mini-workout or at least get in a few strength moves and stretches. I could invite one of the other ladies for a short walk around the basketball court next to the practice field in order to still socialize while getting my activity in.

* Early Morning Risers - I will need to get up at 4:30 am in order to get everything in that I would like to do before work and I am not exactly a morning person. I will set out my clothes before bed, try to get to bed as early as possible, especially in the beginning, be sure to have the next morning's workout planned before I go to bed the night before, and will do my best to get in as many early morning workouts as possible. BUT - I will not kill myself or think all is lost if for some reason I cannot get my workout in that morning. When short on time, I will do some yoga and meditation to prepare myself for the day.

* Weekends - I always seem to do better during the week when there is structure. I will use my weekends as opportunities to do more fun activities with the boys. I will include things like long walks around the town with my camera to indulge in my photography passion and build my portfolio, hikes through the wilderness to calm my inner self, and swimming at the lake. I will also allow myself to use heavy cleaning and heavy yardwork as an exercise routine on the weekends, as I will push myself to do enough to bring forth a good sweat and raise my heartrate.

* Football games - Grid-O-Rama and Ethan's first game will fall in August. I will be tempted to eat the crap food from the concession stand due to both environment and peer pressure. I will learn to pack healthy snack options and not fault myself for eating an extra snack if it is both healthy and Whole30 approved, if needed to mitigate this risk.

* Date Night - I have at least one date night planned for myself and my husband on August 9th. We may or may not attend, but if we do decide to go to Live on the Levee, I will make plans enough in advance to know what we can eat and where. Going out is not an excuse to cheat and I do not want to finish this 30 days disappointed.

* Special Family Visit - We will have family in from out of town for their annual summer visit. I will be tempted to join them for outings out to dinner and parties with things like beer and pizza. I will do my best to remind myself that their visit IS special, but that is no reason to think it should involve indulgent foods. I will make the necessary plans to stay on task and be prepared when situations arise that test my courage and determination.

If all else fails, read the directions.

- Meat - grass-fed and nitrate free
- Vegetables - organic and fresh, where possible
- Clarified butter/ghee
- Green beans, sugar snap peas, snow peas
- Vinegars w/o added sugar
- Coconut milk
- Applesauce w/o added sugar
- Tomato sauce w/o added sugar
- Chicken broth w/o added sugar
- Canned olives
- Healthy fats


- Sugar -real or artificial
- Alcohol or tobacco
- Grains (including corn)
- Legumes
- Dairy
- Carrageenan, MSG, sulfites
- White potatoes
- Paleo-ifying desserts or junk food
- Weighing or measuring
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    emoticon emoticon
    2838 days ago
    Sounds like you are in the groove and chomping at the bit to get started. You can do this. Awesome that the hubby is doing it with you too! emoticon
    2838 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Looks like a plan! As for your comment that "I always seem to do better during the week when there is structure" - I totally agree...during the week I just roll out of bed when the alarm goes off and get moving on my workout, but on the weekends it's sooooo much harder!
    2838 days ago
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