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One Marble At A Time.....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Okay here's the thing I've seen people do this before to help them keep on track of losing weight I've always said I was go do it but kept forgetting until one of my FB friend/reader reminded me from her post...so this I thought will help me stay on track to see how far I've came... And how far I have to go to get to my goal weight...I'm looking to get all the marbles from the Pounds 2 Lose vase to the Pounds Lost by this time next year or shoot earlier if possible....so far of course it's a hard journey...and now that I'm a Pescetarian I know it will be harder, but also it's a good thing...workout I see my clothes starting to fall off me...and I am just trying to eat right and stay motivated...I can do it oh yes I can....

Workout was great today...the good thing about losing weight you get to see your body change by the minute, your shape just looks oh so different....but the bad part is walking on the treadmill and your workout pants want to fall off you lol....I don't want to moon everyone.....so got to get me more workout pants....lol

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