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How I lost 6 pounds over vacation week - eating out the whole time!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I just weighed in after a week in Vancouver (foodie heaven) and after eating almost entirely in restaurants. I lost six pounds -- and I never felt deprived!!! Here is what I think contributed to some success:

1) I always kept an apple on me for whenever I felt my energy flagging (instead of popping into a bakery).
2) I made the decision that I would only eat ONE dessert the entire trip. So each time the waiter asked me if I wanted dessert, I looked at the menu and thought about whether this was THE dessert. In the end, I had a wonderful home-made creme caramel with berries on my last night at a friend's dinnerparty.
3) I ate a banana in the morning after swimming, and then ate brunch around 11 and an early dinner. I really didn't need 3 meals a day.
4) I indulged in some foods I really wanted and wouldn't find in my hometown. So I had bannock (fry bread) which is pretty much a delicious heart-attack waiting to happen and naan at Vij's.
5) I did some mild exercise every day first thing. Not enough to burn a lot of calories, but enough to set my mind in a healthful pathway, so that I started the day feeling happy that I had done something to further my health goals.
6) I focused on the fun I was having and filled my days with fun activities that didn't revolve around food.
7) I consciously chose to eat at some really amazing, high end restaurants where I would eat slowly and savour the talent's of some of Canada's top chefs.
8) I only ate the starches that were unique to the restaurant (so left rice and "normal" breads and potatoes alone, enjoyed a croissant, naan, frybread, quinoa, etc.). It was an easy way to avoid feeling deprived but keep the calorie intake down.

Bottom line? I'm going to try and be as mindful (in a happy way) this week at home as I was on holiday. Doubt I'll lose six pounds (partly think the loss was due to holding fluid on my last weigh-in), but I'll be building a great habit.

Oh - when I arrived home, my husband looked me up and down when I took my jacket off and said "Wow, you are looking curvy!" Which was really nice to hear...

Since I started tracking my food again, I've dropped 8 pounds (it's been three weeks). A reminder that this program works if we work it.
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