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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So this is the thing I am working on staying focus as much as possible...to de-clutter my mind and focus on the positive things.
My goal is to start journal writing here on Spark to keep me under control...to read other journals to help me stay motivated throughout my journey.

As of today I no longer weigh in at 293 I am now 290 yay...scale moving down...I have more energy and watching what I eat.

I didn't go workout today which I needed a workout break plus I was feeling upset from my laptop breaking last night....ugh....my laptop is the way I make my money as a writer I need to write, but this morning I said I'm not going to think about it I'll find away to write.
So on my iPad I found a app it isn't like Word but it's close to it I got in a little over 1,400 words on a new project so that's good..

But tomorrow morning I'm hitting the gym again...I have my heartrate monitor that I wear when I workout love it it's by Polar...omg to see that I'm burning over 700 calories 5 times a week and to see that scale moving down it's exciting again because I've came a long way and I'm hoping this time is the best time.

I've written about becoming a Pescetarian in my last blog post and I'm still on becoming one. As of 5 days I haven't eaten meat other then eggs and fish which is what Pescetarian eats...the thing is I wasn't planning to change to this new lifestyle u til the first but it's happening on it's own anyway..I've thought back realizing I wasn't a big, big meat eater anyway besides chicken so maybe this new lifestyle just maybe a great thing for me. I've been checking out plenty of recipes for Pescetarian and found a website full of over 300 recipes most looks delicious most has items I don't eat such as squash and zucchini or crabs, shrimps but I've found a few of recipes I can mange to my own taken and can't wait to get started.

Sparks doesn't have many support, teams or bloggers that are Pescetarian which it's okay I just was hoping to connect with a few but I guess the web and a few YouTube videos going to have to do the trick for me.

But I've written long enough for today I have to get some much needed work done around the house. Cleaning and staying busy can help me burn some calories...

Smooches for now...
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