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Summer Challenges galore

Monday, July 22, 2013

So it's been a while since I have blogged and I have several things to blog about, hopefully I won't leave anything out. First off I am halfway through my 60 day summer challenge. I love this challenge because it gives me daily goals to focus on and they don't have to be fitness related. It can be anything really. I'd like to tell you that I have done fabulous in this challenge but the truth is I've just done ok. But ok is better than horrible so i'm going to focus on the positive here. The good news is I have done better this past week then previous weeks so that is improvement. Also my long term goal for this challenge was to be down 10 lbs by the end of the summer and as of the halfway point I'm down 7 so I'm hoping to meet my long term goal before the end. One new thing I'm starting on Saturday is another summer challenge. The 5% challenge. I got my invite today and I'm a Shooting Star!!! Very excited about this challenge because I think it will help me stay focused on my fitness. Ok enough about the summer challenges. Yesterday at church I had TWO people ask me if I have lost weight! I was so excited to be able to say, yes I have! In other news I have started an exercise streak. I have been wanting to start one and I have only completed four days so far but I'm stoked about it. I keep telling myself, You are stronger than you think you are! With the hope that one day I won't have to tell myself that. I will just know it!
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