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Are we spending to much? I know i am...Fast food

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Think about it, how many times a week do you eat out? Not just at restaurants but anything from the vending machine at work to stopping at a gas station to get junk and pop? How much do you spend on food that doesn't come from the store?

I myself have been struggling with money since iv been on my own. I was an avid fastfoodie, drank nothing but pop and always stopped at gas stations for pop and candy. And for some reason I could never figure out what happened to my money! Never mind id buy movies all the time, Id say to myself "Its just 5$!" I went years with out buying clothes because I was "Too poor" too. How many time have I been so stressed out with bills? I would just think too myself why cant me and my boyfriend (At that time) Make it?? The fact is I was spending every dime I made plus some! I didn't get my nails done or my hair. I never bought clothes for myself. I never saved. I spent all my money on fast food, pop candy, cigs and movies!

Now I think about it and just wanna smack the old me. I cant believe I spent thousand of dollars going into debt for dumb stuff that made me happy for a few mins.

Any one else have those moments where they realize how much they are spending on stupid stuff, going into debt and not saving any money?
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  • no profile photo CD7778582
    YES!!!! What I have been working on for myself is going out to eat and ordering out. I have seriously gone grocery shopping only to order take out when I get home because I do not feel like cooking. Shameful. It is a daily struggle to remind myself the cost of things. For instance, I can justify a $40 dinner for my fiance and myself, but I will not buy an outfit for that much. It is difficult to get out of this kind of mindset, but I am working on it daily.
    2450 days ago
    I remember when Quicken first came out and we all finally got computers and started logging our spending into the computer. The one thing that astonished all of us was how much we spent on food eaten outside the home. There it was, in green and white (the old pre-color monitors) and had everyone reeling. I have been tracking my spending for nearly 20 years now, every penny, and it works just like tracking food. There is nothing like seeing it right in front of you, all added up.
    2451 days ago
    I agree that fast food costs too much and is a waste of money.
    2451 days ago
  • NAYLOR1985
    I know why has it gotten to the point that we don't know what's healhy anymore! we are told we have to eat special food too lose weight that is a bunch of chemical and or cost a ton!
    2451 days ago
    Oh yes, since me and my husband got back from England, we now live in Illinois, he managed to get a job, it pays rather well, I also had a little girl 6 months ago, I am shocked at how much I spend on her while I'm out, $5 here, $8 there doesn't seem a lot at the time, that I don't mind though.

    What angers me is when I see how much I spent that last month on take out, and that is simply because when I try and think of something "healthy" to cook, I go blank, I get depressed and then I comfort eat... this is a daily cycle for me, I say to myself "There is nothing healthy in our fridge, how do I know what to buy to be healthy? I can't do it....McDonalds?"

    I know eating out every night is just as unhealthy if not more so than some of the things in my freezer but I struggle to know what foods to eat and what to avoid. You are not alone... I could save so much money if I just stopped snacking and buying dinner out...

    I have now vowed to try harder to swap my sugary snacks with fruit, to drink more water and to eat in instead of out even if it means eating the not so healthy options in the freezer...

    Wow this ended up much longer than intended lol
    2451 days ago
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