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91 the dress does not make the woman.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So tonight is our summer office dinner party. Yikes. All of our offices across the state come together and we have a party. We honor the people who are retiring, those who are being promoted. Of course there are cocktails and dinner.

I dread going because I always struggle to find something appropriate to wear that looks good. I always look at all the slender women dressed in these beautiful summer dresses and feel like someone's grandma in my sensible shoes and dress that has no shape or style. WAIT - I AM someone's grandma! But of course I don't want to LOOK like someone's grandma. I know the dress does not make the woman ---- but of course we all want to look our best.

This week I went out shopping for THE dress. I went to the plus size department where I always shop - and tried on the three dresses there - yuck. On to the next store, more selection - 10 dresses - yuck. I swear if I knew anything about fashion design, I would design plus size clothes. Why do designers think we want to look like we are either wearing a tent, or be in some crazy print, or be bedazzled up the ying yang? Unless you live in a large city, you are stuck with what your local store carries (I guess you could always online shop, but I'd be sending back so much stuff!)

Then I thought, what the heck, I wandered into the regular sizes and went to the biggest size on the rack - 16. Picked out four dresses. Tried on the first one, nah - cuter on the hanger. Went to try on the second one and it got stuck the minute I got it over my head. I quickly took it off - only to laugh. It was a size Small stuck on the wrong hangar in the wrong section. Cruel trick - but I felt better. Tried on a cute cotton dress, but it was a tad bit too fitted for me as I am today. Maybe in a month, but not today.

Ended up buying a cute dress in a size 16!!!!! Yippee!!!!! This is working!!!!! Those noontime walks in this sauna like weather, the miles on the treadmill, the eating healthy --- my body IS responding!

Next day went shoe shopping and found some semi-sensible wedge sandals that are cute and I will be able to wear without wanting to take them off. Not those cute strappy platform shoes with the high heels, but after all, I am a grandma!

Funny, but it was SUCH a good feeling to go home with a cute dress and a pair of shoes. I must say it beat seeing a number on the scale any day!

Must say, that made it easier to get up early to get on the treadmill because today, I will not be walking at noon --- gotta go home and get ready for the dinner party. Now the trick will be to avoid the WHOLE desert and just have a taste. Dinner is usually pretty healthy with a fish and chicken or beef entry. Hope to keep the food on track too. Then again, if today is a bit over my calorie count because I had the fish/beef, vegetable & a bite of desert - so be it.

I must say this fueled my motivation which was starting to fade! Yippee!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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