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Think I'll "tri" again!

Friday, July 12, 2013

I did two sprint triathlons in 2011.

(very happy & tired finishing my first triathlon)

I absolutely LOVED the first one. It was a pool swim and had a double loop for both the bike & the run. Everyone was SO friendly & you would see the same people over & over & cheer for them & they'd cheer for you.

(The scary swim - I'm one of those heads!)

The second one was not fun. It was only my 2nd swim in a lake and it was scary & I was just happy to survive. Then, on the bike, I just heard 'on your left'.... over & over again. No, "you're doing great!" or anything. And it was the same on the run. And it was hot. And just very competitive... which isn't great when you are a back-of-the-packer.

So, I have stayed out of the pool. Not literally - I still get in and play with my daughter and sometimes I get in and just relax. But, I haven't been swimming ANY laps.

Until a couple of weeks ago. I decided to see what it felt like. When I used to swim laps I had mixed feelings. Sometimes it was drudgery, but at others I enjoyed the silence & the feel of the water.

And this time? Not too bad! On my 3rd try in the pool (which was yesterday), I decided to see if I could still swim 100 yards. I could! emoticon

So, I got out the 8 week triathlon training schedule that was used by our group this fall and decided to try it this morning. (I was 'just' training for a duathlon so I NEVER used these swims before.) Oh, and I had already done a cycling workout - a total of 12 miles which included 8 half mile 'repeats' for speed. Yes, I was tired, but I enjoyed the cool of the water.

Ok. The swim starts out with an 'easy' warmup of 200 yards broken down in 25's & 50's of streamline, catch up, & freestyle. Not too bad.

Next up? A couple of 75's - this time switching back & forth between kicking & freestyle. Ok. I can do that.

Then I had some 50's with a 30 second rest in between. I thought it sounded tough, but I was ready to go at each 30 second point.

Then a 100/150/100 series. Now remember, I have only down 100 twice (two times yesterday) in over two years!!! But, I did it! It was tough & my form was going and I wondered if I should keep pushing, but I did.

Then two more 100's working on another skill. And, finally, a 50 x2 cool down.

WOW! I did it ALL! It took a little over 40 minutes. And I was BEAT! I almost fell asleep laying on the top step of our pool!

And, the total yards was 1150! Honestly, when I was training for my triathlons before I think this was about the MAX yards I would swim! I would warm up for a bit, then do a 500 or 550, and then cool down! I was training for a 500 meter OWS (open water swim) & I thought that was all I needed. But, this is week ONE of an 8 week program! Wow!!! Will I ever be prepared!

So, I'm excited as I'm looking at the possibilities. There is a triathlon on August 18th that is put on by the same people who did my 'favorite' half marathon, so I might do it. But, they also offer it as a duathlon & I might just avoid that OWS.

A more likely candidate is September 8th up in the Dallas area. It is put on by the same group that did my 'favorite' triathlon! And, it gives me right at 8 weeks to train. Also, it's a POOL swim (yeah!) and it's only 250 yards! I could do it TODAY! If I like it, they also have two triathlons in October, though it might be kind of chilly by then. BOTH of those have pool swims.

I'm so excited! And, I have some other events I'm adding to my calendar. I'm SO ready to be in a race again!!! My last real race was a 5K back in October. I can't believe it! I'm hungry for a RACE!!!
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