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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Isn't it funny how one morning we wake up all ready to take over the world and the next morning it's full on zombie mode?! I honestly would have loved to have taken a sick day today as my entire body feels a bit out of sorts this morning. Between this monster headache and the back and neck pain...it's going to be a rough day. But as much as I'd love to stay home in bed and rest up, my calendar today holds 2 meetings a home assessment with my coworker. I need to be here.

I've been "shopping" for health and fitness supplies online lately, which makes me feel right at home considering I can't really afford anything right now and "shopping" includes putting items in the online shopping cart and then closing the page and "walking away" as it were. I can't be the only one who does that?! Anyhow, for the first time in my entire life I actually have some room where I could put together a decent home gym. I already have one piece in the basement that my mother found at a yard sale, but I have no idea how to use it and I need my husband's help to put it back together again (had to be a bit dismantled in order to get it down the stairs).

It's been a bit difficult, though...knowing where to start. In my head I'm still the girl who was lifting and doing cardio 5-6 days a week and felt incredibly strong...but I know that's not where my body is right now, so I'm forced to take it slow...which I've never been good at. I keep thinking, "Maybe I solve the eating thing first, and then add the exercise." But I've learned from my time here on Spark that I'm more motivated to use food as fuel if I have something to fuel. Workouts lead to me striving for good health in all aspects of my life, so without it I'm going to be sunk. I guess I'll try again to get a walk in.

I was supposed to walk last night, but that didn't go quite as planned. My husband insisted upon stopping by the old place to clear out some things and get another carload of stuff to bring to the new house. What he didn't tell me until we got there is that the fleas in that house have gone massively insane...which is crazy considering they have no dogs or cats to bite anymore. Of course this means they are all the more ravenous when someone gets there that they CAN bite...which last night was me. I felt creepy crawly all damn night and even found a stray flea in my car this morning. Thankfully we got to where we can vacuum like mad and HOPEFULLY get rid of these darn things. It was a problem before we left and I kept telling everyone that the fleas had gone crazy, but this was beyond even what I remembered. Anyone have any magic flea killing ideas for us?

Working from home tomorrow since I have a 124-page document that I really need to study and the boys have appointments at the dentist. Just a little light reading for the waiting room, right? Thursday I have my fun monthly meeting with a bunch of other folks in similar fields. I actually look forward to those meetings every month because I learn so much and the people are great to talk to. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday Ethan has football camp with Owen Schmitt! So excited for him! Maybe I can snap a pic for you guys.

Hope you're all having a great week! I still need to pick up my scale from the old house (actually forgot yesterday), but I really do not want to be over there until I have a plan of attack for the fleas. I do not want to bring them over to the new house with me, that's for sure! Here's hoping I get a nice quiet evening and maybe even get a walk in tonight. I'd love to take my camera along and take some pictures of town... we'll see. Now if I could just get rid of this headache... Otherwise I'm going straight home and straight to bed.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    So glad to see you, doll. Congrats on the house, new job, and starting your home gym. I definitely online shop. I have wishlists a MILE long. :)

    As for the fleas, now that family and pets are out of there get one of those super-intense flea-bombs. I had to set one off in my apartment several years ago after babysitting a friend's pet who was infested with them. I had to stay out of my house for a couple of days but it was worth it.
    2859 days ago
    It is tough figuring out where to start after time off, so just go back to what you know and are awesome at - create a plan of attack! Start slow and gradually build it back up!

    I have been coming back after that knee thing I went through at the beginning of this year and have put together a very gradual plan to rebuild by doing C25K again and adding in light strength training. I know I could probably do more, and sometimes it is SO hard to hold myself back, but I know in the long run that if I go slow it is better for me. :-)
    2860 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I have to say, I finally had to remind myself that I am not where I was 2 years ago. Hell, even a year ago. It was so hard to accept but I'm finally there. I'm just walking/running a 2.3 mile route 3 times per week to hopefully get back to running longer distances. It takes me 30 minutes to do the 2.3 miles which used to be my 5K time. Yep. But its where I'm at now and trying to push myself any harder than that would lead to either frustration or burn out. You'll figure it out too!

    And fleas suck. So hard to get rid of!!!
    2860 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Hang in there! And woo hoo on the football camp!
    2861 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5190246
    I online shop too ... my wish lists are long.

    As for the fleas, stop by a local vet clinic or hardware store and buy something from them. Yup, it's all about the chemicals but it works.
    2861 days ago
  • 35ANGELS

    2861 days ago
  • ROCKLAND2010
    Thank you for sharing. When I'm trying to accomplish what seems like a daunting task (like your home gym) I commit to mini goals each day towards the effort. Any progress is still progress. Have a great Tuesday!
    2861 days ago
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