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A year of mantaince

Friday, July 05, 2013

So this is maintenance ha?

Wow its even been almost a full year scene my last blog post too. well, I am here, still between 130 and 135 sometimes hitting scream weight of 136 but not often. its been going well I suppose, though I do confess throughout this year I've never once thought of what I was doing as maintaining. I was always ( sometimes secretly ) tiring to lose another 5 to 10 lbs. curious & wanting to see what I would look like at 125 but feeling like most people just didn't think that was a healthy weight for me. not sure why.
Anyway perhaps due to lack of support and certainly due to a halfhearted effort those last 10lbs, remain. abs constantly playing peekaboo reminding me they are in fact here I just need to uncover them. I get the gumption under me to really focused on weight loss again and someone says "wow shes ripped like Sarah Conner" and I stop, not all together sure that's the goal I really need to be after. unsure just how far I should take this body of mine. is Sarah Conner really who I want to look like? Sometimes I say Hell Ya! other days I'm not so sure... but I digress

A few things have changed. I am now contemplating a carrier in fitness. I'm just not sure where my shy introverted personalty would fit. But I do devour all the nutrition and fitness information I can get my hands on and I never stop reading about it. I love health and fitness and it has become a way of life. It would seem to be an obvious choice for a carrier and besides I don't currently have any carrier under my belt. It may be time to deiced what I want to be when I grow up. LOL. I have many people still complement me ask when I will start teaching the classes or if I'm training for a fitness form competition. It still feels so unreal to have people say things like this to me. when the weight-loss was fresh I was sure it was just away of people saying 'way to go!' but now I hear it from people who haven't seen me on any other shape. people have even said to me "well you've never been over weight so you don't understand" LOL I was blown away someone thought I was just naturally fit and had always been. I hear it so often ( that's embarrassing to say I feel like I'm bragging ) anyway its often enough that I'm pretty convinced it would be shame if I didn't try for something...perhaps personal training? I doubt I would ever find enough gall to stand on stage in-front of a class of 30+ and instruct them, but one on one or even 4 to 5 on one that I could probably handle without getting too red faced and stammering. lol. I did wait tables for years and I found away to push through my shyness then so I could do it for something I really care about... I or should be able to anyway :)

As for the technical stuff.. if your wondering. here is something odd. I haven't lost a that last 5-10 and my waist is still 27.3". Well Its actually 27" when I'm closer to 130lbs and 27.5" when I'm closer to 135lbs but and don't ask me how but I am now a size 4 not a 6 and I have far more muscle definition then I did a year ago. muscle is a funny thing it really does change your body. I'll post a picture in a few days ( bad time of the month right now). still 5'4" lol.

My routine needs shifting but currently; ( on perfect weeks LOL aka almost never )
Mon- kickboxing 60min
Tue- running 30min & cross-training 60min
Weds- running 30min & weights 60min
Thurs- kickboxing 60min
Fri- running 30min & weights 60min
Sat- running 30min & yoga 60min
Sun- ----

More often than not;
Mon- kickboxing
Tue- Cross training
Wed- ----
Thur- kickboxing
Fri- running & weights
Sat- running & yoga
Sun- ----

Anyway thanks for reading my way to long blogs ;-) Love you all and wish you the very best!! feel free to ask me any questions or leave thoughts. I do get notifications when someone responds to my blog so even if I'm not active with SP I will answer my blog.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    stories like this are so inspiring. Not that you got there, but that you maintained. Thanks for sharing!
    2559 days ago
    So good to hear you out here again. Wish I could tell you magic for the last bit, but I think you have to trust this is like one last plateau to get past hang in there! The biggest thing it the success of OWNING this beautiful new body - what a gift to yourself and those close to you. So amazingly pround of you. Don't every grow up, just keep transforming into the best of your inner spirit. Blessings on this next year.
    2559 days ago
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