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Disease of obesity

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

First a link for you from TED talks:


As a person that has been able to overeat all her life and get very obese without having any blood sugar problems at all (if I had any genes for diabetes-2 I would have gotten it a long time ago!) I am not really sure how to understand this, but as a chronic rebel, I really like when fundamental "truths" are questioned.

Before I go on - july challenge, food of the day:

Burgers with sundried tomatoes and feta in them, fresh pasta, a sauce of tomatoes and some salad, a lack of spices made it rather dull.

Back to the disease of obesity - I attended an AA meeting yesterday and got some really good hints – first a lady shared about her being sober but not in recovery - I sort of rebel against this thought that are common among "us" twelvesteppers - it does not seem to be enough to be sober/abstinent/off drugs - you have to be it in the RIGHT way...very blurry and understandable if you are dealing with food that is a matter of handling, but alcohol? Either you are drinking or not! And as long as you are sober it is ok. I have to fight these feelings inside me that tells me that it is "wrong" even when I do manage to handle the food in a good way - and I have two problems with food: 1. Overweight 2. Compulsive overeating. Number one is easy - falling numbers on the scale means that I am succeeding in dealing with that problem. Number two is worse because it is not exact - I can put up parameters to tell me I have succeeded but my sick mind keep whispering that it is not good enough if it is not perfect. And when that happens - it is more important to address the "disease of perfection" instead of obsessing about the slip-ups.

Another reflection from the meeting - a guy who has been in the community for only a short time is reading all the literature and said that it has suddenly dawned on him that he had the disease of alcoholism - and he could not remove the disease but treat it. And he said that it had removed his guilt and shame over the past - I realise that having a disease makes me responsible for the consequences but should not give me a low self esteem because I haven´t gotten the right medication - yet.

The third was a combination of two - a young man was on his first meeting with us - he is in treatment and told us he was brought up in a dysfunctional family with both parents alcoholics - and now he was repeating the pattern and letting his children down, creating chaos and destruction - and he wanted out and had been sober for three weeks but did not know how to handle the anxiety without and drug for comfort... and a woman - sober eight years - said that she used to use drugs to release her from anxiety three-four-or five days a week - today she uses meetings for the same purpose and therefore it is really ok to got to three or four meetings a week when needed. A "medication" for anxiety...

Overeating is to me a strategy to cope with stress. No world breaking news there - BUT combined with this "disease" thought I may accept that it is not only about avoiding trigger situations or trigger foods - it´s about setting up a life that works for me and as I am obviously not "normal" maybe I need a stricter "medication" to be freed. Maybe it is more important to me that I understand to follow rules that works. Somebody said (as a joke) at the meeting "Do you know that there ARE people who CAN drink - and don´t do it?!" There are people who can eat on impulse, without a plan and without thinking about what or when - but I am not one of them. Not today.

One thing I need to do is to put those meetings first - when my daughter is with me I feel guilty if I leave her for the two hours it takes. Yesterday I was hesitating whether to go or not but got lucky - she phoned a friend at 11 and they were at the beach and asked if she would want to join so she packed and biked downe to the lake and it was 11.30 which made it possible for me to drivt into town and attend the meeting at 12. But in the future I should decide that I have to put this high if I want to keep my abstinence from food. I also have to pay my bills today - I am postponing them and it is starting to stress me and will end in eating or total paralysis....

Another thing - a woman asked me if I was available for sponsoring in ACOA as I have done the steps and I hesitated - as a codependant I tend to think I should "fix" my sponsees - but then I tought that I can be a coach, not a leader. I have this coach diploma so I know how...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! You have packed a lot into this blog ~ you are making great strides forward.

    Remember what Flylady says ~ Progress not Perfection.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2328 days ago
    Great talk. Actually, high fat also triggers insulin resistance. I really believe sugar is similar to alchohol. Both are naturally occurring molecules, sure, but industry has responded to our preferences with unnaturally concentrated formulations of them. I mean, how many drugs don't stem from a natural source? Tobacco is a plant, opium is a plant, cocaine is a plant.
    2331 days ago
    Meetings first, yes! HEALTH first yes! Eating outside healthy choices we're usually feeding something other than our bodies. Identifying what that is and finding an alternate leads to a change in lifestyle; hopefully. Stress responds to exercise better than food, comfort to a warm bath, loneliness to time with others, tired to sleep. Sounds simple but it's not easy; the thing I came away with from the video is that there is a lot we don't know. I battled this weight issue since I hit puberty ( I was a scrawny kid.) right through menopause. While I maintain with healthy choices today; I believe being off the hormone rollercoaster is what allows me to do that. Being healthy and trim is no more important to me today than is was in my teens, 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's yet I didn't experience long term success until my 60's. Bottom line is there's a LOT they still don't know and knowledge of good nutrition is not always enough. I still rely on counting calories and exercising the difference is that something has changed that is allowing me to do that; it wasn't lack of effort in the early years. Still, don't give up, when I did; my weight soared! emoticon
    2331 days ago
    I saw that the US has declared obesity to be a disease. I don't know how I feel about that yet.
    2331 days ago
    I haven't looked at the TED video but I read all of your blog. They are often the first thing I read when I come to SP! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

    Your blog is a lot of 'food for thought' for me, I won't elaborate here in a comment but maybe I'll write down some of the thoughts in my own blog.
    I'm wondering if there are also Overeaters Anonymous meetings where you live? If the AA works for you maybe OA is helpful, too.

    2331 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the TED talk. They are always good. I like your thought process too,


    We are here too. We all need each other. emoticon

    How can we help you?
    2331 days ago
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