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I am hungry!

Monday, July 01, 2013

I am really greteful for the days I have gotten wothout overeating - but I am also hungry! I probably need to add an extra small meal at night, and I could do it within a sensiblde calorie range but I am scared of doing it since it will tempt me to eat more afterwards.

Yesterday lunch was from the food bag:

Plaice, crumbed and fried with potatoes, spinach, carrots and a "curry cream" sauce, really nice.

The amount was enough to give me and daughter lunch and there was a leftover for me to have as dinner - a little small but enough I thought...daughter had mac-and-cheese. Then she had microwave popcorn and I couldn´t resist but had maybe 4 dl of it before I was able to stop...and the temptation to make another bag was really hard but I had an apple instead before I went to bed. So, popcorna and apple outside plan - calorie wise it is more than ok, the danger lies in my sick mind that starts to murmur "who are you kidding, you can´t stay "clean" so just give up and binge ..." not this hour!

Yesterday was also the day when we are not going to have a show for some days ahead - meaning that we participaters can eat all the cakes and muffins that are left in the café as they are going to throw it away otherwise. Daugher had some but I stayed away - knowing that had I taken "just a little piece" of one of the cakes, I had gone berserk later and do some insane foodshopping as we had to go to the store for milk... I stayed away and I sent daughter to buy herself an icecream while I was shopping - I had one lick of hers (it was "strawberry cheesecake") but as I did not stand beside her at the counter I did not have to brace myself against the impulse of having one too "just this once..."
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    I am more often left with more calories than time left in the day. Tweak your meals a little. Protein will keep you satisfied for longer.
    2333 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Always the first question is are you really hungry or just desiring food? Wanting ice cream because you're standing at the counter isn't hungry. I think you know that.

    Determine how long you would be willing to be hungry before eating something. I am willing to be hungry for one hour (or two, if I'm busy with something pleasant) before I eat, so if it's going to be less than that until my next meal, I just wait. Otherwise I have a decaf cafe au lait or mocha or something like that, but not anything I chew. Or sometimes the hunger goes away! If it's fake hunger, I wait until the meal.

    It's okay to be legitimately hungry for at least some of the time during the day. True hunger makes our food more delicious and satisfying! And it is very rare for a person to lose fat without SOME hunger. You can start small and work up to it.

    In the mean time, you've done well! Keep reminding yourself of how you are going to have great food later, and how you are getting enough to eat even if you feel a desire for more.
    2333 days ago
    Keep tweeking; I agree with several of the other posters; once I started counting protein grams and increased my protein staying in range was easier. However, most of my protein is from low fat or no fat foods which keeps the calorie count reasonable. Most importantly they don't trigger binges; even when I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar, which I do on fat free cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt. Both good choices with calories and protein grams. An apple to sooth that hunger was a good choice. You have to have good choices available because, in my experience, hunger will win. I refuse to be hungry anymore. In my world an ice cream out with DD would have been OK but the baked goods at the café definitely not; the first would be self limiting; the second no reasonable stopping point. I enjoy corn popped in the microwave (dry) then lightly sprayed with olive oil and lightly salted. Even the grandkids prefer it that way now; I used to keep the MW corn for them.
    Back to HUNGRY. Sometimes I'm actually thirsty, try that first. Other times I just need the oral crunching; and apple or carrot chips work as well as other chips. Nuts work well too. Another strange phenomenon, I do fine with almonds and walnuts but will overeat on peanuts, cashews, brazil nuts, etc. There has to be chemistry involved that I don't understand. Same with apples and bananas. I've never binged on apples. Know yourself and PLAN accordingly. emoticon
    2333 days ago
    I'm no expert, but it would seem that you are not eating enough protein. Protein is filling and will stay with you for hours, while carbs - simple or complex - are digested rapidly leaving you hungry more quickly. Do a Google search on the power of protein vs. carbs. I think you will find some good scientific evidence on this. Best of luck to you. Hope you are full to the brim today!
    2333 days ago
    What I am trying now is to focus on having 3 meals, and eat 2 or 3 snacks in between only when hungry. I feel that I must eat when hungry or I'll binge later on.
    But I'm trying to limit the 'food moments' in my day. That means eat, and then stop again for 2 or 3 hours, having meals / snacks consciously and let them have a beginning and an end. Not to just grab something, and later some more, and some more.

    2333 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2013 3:26:21 AM
    Oh, to be young and fit and slim and able to indulge at will, lol... I hear you about hungry: me too. All - the - TIME!!! At least, it feels that way. I'm kicking around the idea of adding more protein, but I'd have to be careful with it, as it can cause kidney problems in diabetics (if it ain't one thing, it's another), and of course protein foods tend to be intensely calorie-laden even in relatively small quantities. I'm finding the additional protein can stick with me for longer, though...
    2333 days ago
    Ah - those moments when we actually kick our cravings into touch are such victories.
    Congratulations for acting positively. I hope that positivity you have leads to further victorious moments. Each one is something to build on. emoticon
    2333 days ago
    My heart goes out to you. Keep on keeping those extras and little bits out of your mouth! Maybe the bits of sugary things are causing the hunger later. What I can usually do to resist the temptations is make myself a nice cup of tea and slowly drink and savor it. Allowing myself to have the cup of tea as MY treat has over time become a good self affirming ritual that I am staying away from the calories that I don't need. It is hard when other family members can eat what we should not. Find a way to treat yourself. Hugs and hope sent your way. emoticon
    2333 days ago
    Well done. It is hard, but the benefits are so worthwhile. Stick with it you are doing great.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2333 days ago
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