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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What a ROCKING spin class this morning! WOW...the energy there was just amazing. I left it all there...everything, I really did give this class 110%. I literally had tears in my eyes the last interval I was pushing it so hard. I was in an incredible zone. I closed my eyes and could see my goals in my mind and it pushed me through to the end. When it was over, I was just so overwhelmed, I was in tears.....tears of joy!!

The instructor this morning incredible. The energy she brought to the class was incredible. She was saying these things in Norwegian....like a drill sergeant and I have no idea what she was saying but WOW was it ever motivating!! Towards the last few intervals she wrote on the board -- PAIN IS TEMPORARY and starting cheering us on til the end. When the class was over I was talking with her and you can see how committed she is to motivating and encouraging everyone. I tell you what, I will be first in line to take her class again. Isn't it awesome when instructors give so much of themselves to help us reach our goals! Amazing...

Here is the board from our spin class! Love it....

The only negative of today was that my HRM was acting up and for the first few minutes it was not reading my HR, then my HR when bonkers -- too high, then back to normal, so my caloric burn is off.....low I think for how hard I pushed. Based off of my RPE I say I was around 500...maybe 550, but my HRM was showing 461 -- so for the sake of numbers ( I am a numbers person) lets just say 500 for today for a 50 min spin with cool down.

I am super excited about my spin class again tomorrow night then I have to be honest, I cannot wait until the weekend as I am taking a much needed REST!!!! I am going to be one lazy lady this weekend....but when Monday comes around, getting ready....I WILL BE BACK!!! ;)

Keep pressing on! Blessings and many thanks again for your support!
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