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Nice doctor...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

During the last ten-15 years health care in Sweden has really declined. I hae nothing to complain about - except for my visit at the mental clinic where circumstances was beyond bad, I have been astonished about how well I have been recieved.

And the same with my swollen leg. When I finally decided to do something about it I learned how to register mysel and ask for an appointment online - did this one morning and two hours later I recieved a text message with an appointment four days later....

When I arrived I waited for ... five minutes? - after appointed time and then met the doctor. Who was thorough, verbal and had a polite attitude ( it might help that I am also polite but verbal...) and after an examination he sent me off to lab for a lot of tests, and EKG ad we agreed that I would let company healthcare check my blood pressure under calmer cicumstances.

I so did five days later and mailed the result to this doctor - snailmail because there was no mailadress.

After a day or two he called me and told me that all my test results were fine. As I have told him about my eating disorder, my attempts to lose weight and my anxiety over my health due to that weight I asked hi what his response to that might be (he had not reacted that much when I told him) he started talking about gastric bypass - the only solution he knew - and we agreed that we would coninue the discussion in august, after seeing waht effect the diuretic would have on my swollen leg and blood pressure.

Today he called again ( I am amazed, althoug I DO get this very good service all the time I hear so many stories about people being neglected ) and said that he hadkept exploring the idea about gastric bypass. I am on the verge of becoming too old but he would send me for a enquiry (?) meeting with th people who work with it in this region if I wanted. I said yes – after my own investigation I am more doubtful than before but I also hope to get mor information, maybe other solutions...

He said that the fact that I had a eating disorder disqualified me for an operation - I said that the only difference between me and the other obese patients was that I am honest about my behaviour. I asked him if he truly believed that an obese person (BMI plus 40) would stay obese if they could help it? He agreed that it did not seem logical.

I am back thinking about the drastic changes I needed to make to quit drinking alcohol - what if I became as drastic with food?
1. Because it is almost impossible - I can´t stop working, having social contact, being alone, preparing food etc. etc. As well as with smoking (nowadays) alcohol is still kept in a certain area of life and once I decided it was easy to stay away from those areas until I felt more secure with a sober life.

That method woks for things that should be excluded - but what about things that should be handled?

What if I could go to a "detox"-treatment, like alcoholics do? Unfortuately there are none available if your are not extremely rich or willing to be exposed like in "biggest loser" – which is not a healthy way of attacking your eating disorder...

Time is really running out!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am pleased for you that you have a good doctor!

    You are wondering about making lasting changes in your life in terms of your obesity and difficulties with food.

    As RESTORETOSANITY pointed out, it can seem strange contemplating staying away from eating, as we need to eat to survive, but we can (with our Higher Power's and our sponsor's help) stay away from OVER eating/bingeing.

    I urge you to check out your local Overeaters Anonymous group. You might just feel like you have "come home" when you join.

    All the best to you!

    2472 days ago
    emoticon Please don't panic about time running out. I know you feel the sooner the excess weight is gone the better you will feel, but I think recovering from any addiction takes time. I know I've heard that it only takes 30 days to establish a habit, but that's just too simplistic. You need to learn to get through today without binging. You need to learn to get through weekends, holidays, rainy days, gray days, sunny days, happy days, sad days, birthdays and all the rest. My heart goes out to you in your struggle.
    2473 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1610124
    That is a big decision. I have seen some have great success with surgery and some that have failed. They usually do work with you on changes to be made even if you have surgery. Best of luck to you and praying for a wisdom in this huge decision.
    2473 days ago
    no two bodies are the same . no two people can say I think I need to have by pass . and have the same results emoticon . you have to do what is best for you . If something doesn't work try another . good luck to you .
    2473 days ago
    As a 122# loser, all I can do is offer you support on the journey. Let me know how I can help with this. emoticon
    2473 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I'm sorry but I think he is right about not using the bypass under the circumstances. All I have to compare are my niece and a co:worker. The coworker had to follow an eating plan and lose weight before her bypass. My niece did not. The coworker is now slim and holding after several years. My niece has lost weight but is still obese after two and half years. A bypass will not keep a person from returning to overeating.

    Every person who has ever accomplished what you want to accomplish has been convinced at some point and often for years that she couldn't do it, but at some point, she changed her mind. The fear of the consequences or the misery of the present conditions or something changed and she could do it. You don't even have to become thin to live healthier. Maintaining even a 10% loss and being consistently active have been shown to be just about as powerful as becoming thin.

    You CAN outlast the urges to overeat, even if it means doing it a few hours at a time. It won't be like that every day. YOU CAN. No one is asking you to run a marathon or become an astronaut or other things that really take outlandish skills.

    OA's motto used to be three meals a day and life in between. You can do that, or something similar, Meddy, They don't have to be small meals, but they have to have a beginning and end. You don't have to be completely absorbed in other activities not to eat, though that helps. You can do this.

    OR you can come to peace over not doing it.

    I admire you so much. I've watched you for a long time. Iwill never lose faith in you.
    2473 days ago
    Definitely a personal decision; glad you are educating yourself. Over the years I've struggled through a lot of stages trying to manage my weight. An alcoholic can choose to give up alcohol; we have to eat. Control is more of a challenge than abstinence, in my opinion. But, I could give up types of food that proved troublesome more easily than control them. Now, my control is only having them out and with others where portions and availability are controlled. Eating vegetarian helped, not because meat was a problem for me, but because it allowed me more food and less hunger. Hunger will always win; if we are consuming empty calories we will be hungry. After trying a vegan diet; I gradually added fish, low fat dairy and eggs back into my diet to meet my protein needs more easily. I've found what works for me and love the way I feel today. I have no desire to go back to mindless eating. I truly hope you will find what works for you.
    2473 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13966857
    I suggest, instead of surgery, to search for a good therapist or clinic that helps (through therapy) with eating disorders. And a course in mindfulness.
    In it's fundament, the overeating is not a medical problem (though the consequences, the physical complaints, are), so, why look for a medical solution (is my reasoning).
    2473 days ago
    Please keep talking about alternatives with this doctor, he seems to be a goo guy.
    2473 days ago
    It's great you met a good doctor. However, think clearly and rationally about ultimately what you want to accomplish, whether it's with surgery or not. Your not running out of time, you have time. Get a second opinion, do some research, and think about it. You don't want to live with any regrets. Do what's best for you at the end of the day. emoticon
    2473 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2013 7:40:00 AM
    After having used the steps and complete abstinence from using drugs and alcohol for so long, I was bewildered at this as well. Overeater's Anonymous saved my butt with this stuff.

    Basically what we are powerless over is Compulsive Overeating. A food sponsor and I decide together what that is for me, and I'm considered abstinent when I stick to the plan. This has really been working for me.

    It does require some thought as to what makes you overeat and what doesn't; there are some trigger foods that one day at a time I think won't ever be back on my food plan. There are other foods and behaviors that I stayed away from early on that I've been able to add back. It does require rigorous honesty.
    2473 days ago
    Hi, haven't had contact with you for a long time. Lap band procedure was recommended for me about 6 years ago and after attending a presurgical info session I decided against it as I decided the small dietary intake could be done without surgery, so I found a weight program which worked cause I was so motivated. In 18 months I lost 100 lbs and felt great. In order to continue on the program I would have had to pay 100 dollars a month which was only for weekly weigh ins and having a person read my food diary and makes suggestions which I decided against. I have gradually regained 50 of those hard to lose lbs and the only way I canlose the again is too restrict my calories again, knowing that I will have to continue to restrict y calories the rest of my life to keep those excess lbs off, but I am still glad I did not go for the surgical solution. I started at about 280 lbs and now am at 235, holding there for about 2 years..every day knowing I do need to weigh less than 180 lbs for the sake of my health. Just had to share my story... emoticon
    2473 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2013 7:13:25 AM
    2473 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    2473 days ago
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