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Another successful day!! Feeling SO VERY encouraged!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I did it!!! Another amazing day. I worked very hard at the gym tonight with my HIIT intervals and ST. I burned 755 then came home to burn another 101....you know me by now, do I ever just stop ;)

I ate well, took my LACV and I truly feel as if I can do this -- IF and only IF I remain strong and continue to take each meal and each workout at a time. I cannot focus on the bigger picture right now, just this day...the rest will follow.

I am headed back to the gym tomorrow morning for a spin class and possibility another one in the evening....double spin day...wow!

Thanks again from my heart for ALL the support. Even through all the ups and downs, the weight loss and weight gain you have never lost faith in me and for this, I am forever thankful.

Have a blessed and beautiful day! Good night from Norway!!!
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