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K-Keep Sparking

Monday, June 24, 2013

K-Keep Sparking: the last letter in my Sparky Acrostic.

Pretty self explanatory....but in addition to Sparking, what next?

Summer is here, my "100 Days until Summer Challenge" is over.

Well, luckily I don't have to search far because I Spark and I have been already drawn into a "1,000,000 Steps of Summer" challenge by a SP Friend ANDOVER1

1,000,000 steps will entail me walking 11,000 steps per day which I'm already behind on LOL! I only logged about 26,000 steps over the last three days. We went to a play (saw "The Book of Mormon") and to a party on Saturday and....I picked up my brand new shiny Beetle convertible!!

Then I spent a good deal of time Sunday cruising the metro parks with my DH breaking in the engine.

Not a lot of steps involved in those activities.

In case you wonder...that is a sheepish grin.

In addition to 1 Million Steps of Summer, my next project is to find out what foods work best for MY body.

For the last 100 days, I ditched the diet mentality and the bathroom scale (not the kitchen scale!) and nothing was off the table for me in terms of food. I tracked with the goal of staying within my nutritional "budget" and I tried to make "best" or at least "better" choices 95% of the time. And it worked...somewhat....

10 lbs in 100 days is not stellar progress but I'm very OK with it because it came at no real "cost" to me in terms of mental anguish. I just tracked, drank my water and exercised some everyday.

Go me!

But what are the BEST foods for me now that I'm 45 years old? What if the choices I made were not "best" or even "better" for ME?

According to Lyn-Genet Recitas some of the "obvious" choices may not be so great for me.

I HATE diet books! And remember I had ditched the "diet mentality" for 100 days... But I was sucked into the ideas behind this book. It made sense to me.

I was Sparked into looking into this by BOOKWORM27S and there is a team on Spark for "The Plan" already and you can read some details about it at these sites:



I'm still in the "P-Preparation and Patience" stage of researching this but have already fallen in love with her "Flax Granola"

I'm trying out her carrot-ginger soup next.

And guess what...remember how I did not weigh myself for the last 100 days? Well this plan involves weighing myself EVERDAY.

Oh dear.

At any rate, I'm using the next few weeks to prep for this "Plan" - reading the book, trying out the recipes and getting used to the idea that the bathroom scale is a tool and The Plan will help me to determine what foods work for best for me.

"The Plan" is somewhat controversial because it claims that some "healthy food" such as (brace yourself) salmon, oatmeal, egg whites, asparagus and cauliflower simply do NOT work for many people in terms of weight loss; that they cause and "inflammatory" response in the body so when you eat healthy and then your scale jumps 2 lbs, it may not even be sodium that is the culprit, but (as an example) the 200 calorie egg white omelet you ate because egg whites just don't work for you.

And your bodies reaction to food will change over time. As we get older, how many of us are confused because what used to work for us in our 20's in terms of losing weight just does NOT work for us now.

This all makes intuitive sense to me. It just feels right.

Of course people react differently to foods!!

Tomatoes make my Mom break out in a rash. I don't have that kind of a response to tomatoes, but what if tomatoes are irritating to me on a lower level? I could learn to live without them, or at least not eat them willy nilly thinking that they are really "great" for me when maybe they are not the best choice for me.

I like...no, actually I LOVE the idea of finding out what is really right for me and what will make all of this even EASIER. Because who wants to "white knuckle" their way to their goal weight and then have no freaking idea how to EASILY stay there for a lifetime??

Not me!! After all, I started my blogs at Spark with the desire and the intention to find a way to be "naturally slender."

However, "The Plan" requires at least an 11 day commitment and preferably 20 days to fully work out my food issues. Finding 20 days during the summer that don't involve a party, pig roast, graduation celebration, vacation or other festivity is well nigh impossible.

So for now, business as usual with my food, water and fitness.

Keep learning and even incorporating some of what I'm learning in The Plan" into my daily tracker.

and find a time on my calendar when I can go "whole hog" with it...later in the summer, probably after the kiddos go back to school.

1,000,000 steps of summer - here I come...

June 21 - 10,246
June 22 - 7,867
June 23 - 7,427

25,540 steps so far!

and "The Plan"....here I come too.....eventually!

K - Keep Sparking people!!

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