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Feeling Deprived vs Feeling Proud

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yesterday was a hard day regarding eating choices. I took my daughter and two of her friends to the mall for about 5 hours.

First up... lunch. I decided to go with a smoothie so I'd know exactly how many calories I'd be eating - 380. BUT... I thought it had lots of protein. It didn't!! In fact, it only had 1 gram! So, I was really eating LOTS of carbs. It also didn't have any calcium, which I also track. So, at the end of the day, I was very short on calcium, protein, and even fiber! But, I was proud of myself for keeping my calories under 400 for lunch and I enjoyed my meal.

A couple of hours later, the girls wanted Starbucks. I wasn't even hungry, so I happily sipped glass of water and felt proud of myself for not buying something when I wasn't hungry.

A few hours later, it was time to go. The girls saw an Italian place that serves handmade gelato made with all real ingredients. Well, I was VERY hungry! But, I knew I'd be in the car in a few minutes and could have a handful of almonds. I just got one sample bite, and tried a bite of my daughters, and didn't buy my own gelato. I really felt deprived and upset because I really wanted gelato! And my sample was SO GOOD! But, I went to the car and had almonds instead.

For dinner last night, my husband wanted to go out. We'd had the other two girls for two nights and now it was just the three of us. We were going out to a place where I usually have a grilled ham & cheese sandwich, often with onion rings. Well, I was ok about not ordering onion rings, but I really wanted my sandwich! Instead, I opted for a grilled chicken sandwich with ranch on the side (of which I'm great at eating very little). I felt so deprived and felt like life wasn't fair and understood why I've gained so much weight back in the past year and a half. I really can't keep making these kinds of choices! It just doesn't seem fair!!!

But, when my salad came, it was actually quite yummy. (I'm not much of a salad person.) And, I did GREAT staying within my calorie range yesterday.

So, how do you do it? When others are eating things you want to eat, do you feel deprived? Or do you feel proud of yourself when you make good choices?

I'm hoping for an easier day! I guess it'd help if I actually MADE dinner, huh? emoticon
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    Congrats for staying true. It is so hard when temptations are right in front of you. I feel so good when I can pass on the "bad", but I do plan to allow myself these things in moderation and try to incorporate it into my meal planning.
    2814 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2659174
    This will pass - stay strong until you get over that mental hump.
    Food is your fuel.
    2814 days ago
    Awesome deal! Funny thing, raw almonds are a common staple in MY car too! :-)

    I wax & wane between the two...deprivation and pride...which is why the pounds do the same thing: wax & wane...ugh!

    2814 days ago
    At times I feel deprived and others I don't. What works for me is to keep in mind how I feel after I eat those not so great choice foods. I usually feel VERY full, bloated and yucky. I once read that it is really the first bite that tastes so good and we often don't even taste or remember eating the whole thing. I find this true especially with cookies. So if I'm going to splurge I have ONE BITE and savor it all the way down. If I decide to make a not so great choice there is no kicking myself for that choice. make it and move on. I feel so much better making the healthier choices. I also make my own healthier versions of treats. I love a night snack so I'll make vegan ice cream or homemade larabars or something with no sugar (processed sugar) and enjoy it.

    Bottom line - if you want things to change you have to change what you are doing. emoticon
    2815 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14029689
    Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I know part of it is my expectation going in. If I decide up front that I'm not even going to think about the options that are bad for me, I feel better. It's when I dwell on the fact that I'm not eating what I really want. At the same time, I think it's good to find a healthy indulgence so you don't feel deprived. Eat a little bit of something you really want, like gelato, and tell yourself that's it for the day. You don't feel deprived and you didn't over do it. It's hard to do. I'm not very good at it either.
    2815 days ago
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