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R - Ready or Not....

Friday, June 21, 2013

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R - Ready or not....
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R-Ready or Not

Ready or not, it is officially the first day of Summer 2013. The only first day of summer 2013 that you will have.

Ready or not, 171 days have passed since January 1st.

Ready or not, we are almost half way through 2013.

Ready or not, my "100 days Until Summer" challenge is over and I'm ready (or not) for the next one.

Ready or not...

That pretty much sums up life doesn't it?

Ready or not, each day greets us with endless possibilities and choices. And sadly, to weigh, or not to weigh is a really nagging question that occupies WAY too much mental energy for all of us. Really, if the combined brain power of how much we obsess on the scale were applied to cure obesity (which is now officially a disease, for better or for worse) maybe we could have cured obesity by now.

At any rate...I digress...

So, Ready or not, here are some pictures of me this morning.

Ready or not, I hopped on the scale today and was pleasantly surprised to see 199.8 lbs on the scale. The last time I officially weighed in I was hovering around 210 plus or minus 2 lbs and would have given "anything" to see 199 again.

That mentality, the "'I'd give anything'" to see XYZ" implies a certain amount of desperation and mental discord that I'm was just tired of dealing with, leading me to ditch the numbers on the scale as a way to distract myself from it.

I was also pleasantly surprised because in the last decade or two, anytime I got into "onederland" it was from some seemingly Herculean effort of calorie restricting and exercising.

The last 100 days have been pretty easy on my psyche.

I did not have to get on the scale when the weather began hitting the 80's and I could feel my fingers swelling with retained water. I could sit back and ride that transition period out, focusing and the numbers that matter...food, water and fitness. I kept plugging along with tracking, I got in my activity and exercise and I drank my water.

And check out my food tracker. Take a gander at what I ate this last week.

I really considered severely restricting my calories this week in order to ensure a "good" number on the scale, but then mentally slapped myself and just kept on plugging away.

I ate popcorn and corn chips yesterday. All tracked. Easy peasy.

I also drank 100 oz of water. I know that seems like a crazy amount, but it has to do with easing into my next challenge which I will get into with my next blog. Getting used to drinking 100+ oz of water is one of the components of that, so I have been drinking that much water everyday for the last week.

Spark says I should eat between 1550 and 1900 calories per day which is pretty generous.

Here is a chart for the last 100 days.

Most days seem "low" calorie wise but in as a general rule, I don't log "BLT's" (bites, licks and tastes) I decided that I just can NOT be that obsessive forever and this has to be something that lasts a lifetime, so I try to come in a little low on my logged food and just be cognizant of not taking TOO many BLTs.

The really low calorie "sinkers" on the chart were probably days I was feeling under the weather. The higher "floaters" on the chart were most likely parties or restaurant occasions, or days I just felt hungrier.

Also, I managed to get in and log some sort of fitness every day for the last 100 days. At least 20 minutes worth:

So the question now is where do I go from here....

Ready or not...see my next blog if you want to know!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog and just keep on going. Your picture is great and you look very slim. emoticon Have some fun today. Pam
    2915 days ago
    emoticon Good for you! Scale obsession is counter productive; sadly too many people have not yet realized that. There are so many other indicators of a healthy lifestyle and progress in the right direction; the scale is hardly the only, or most accurate, one.

    Of course, I must confess that I do weight myself almost every day, and did right from day 1 when I was working to banish the fat forever. Then it gave me something to measure and an additional progress chart (I'm a numbers geek) but I did go into it with the mindset that sometimes it would go down...and sometimes it would go up...and refused to obsess about the fluctuations. Now, in maintenance, it is a way to keep myself focused and accountable.
    2915 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13814261
    emoticon on your weight loss! You look gorgeous!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2915 days ago
    I'm coming!!! Keep Sparkin'!!
    2916 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Onederland. What a concept. For me, I think it was 1975... Hooray for you!
    2916 days ago
    I'm looking forward to your next blog!

    I'm glad you didn't try to restrict calories last week just for this occasion. Persistent healthy habits do work. Your pictures are great. You look strong and healthy. Let's see what summer brings!
    2916 days ago
    You are beautiful! Thank you for posting pictures. And congratulations on getting to onederland. I'm so impressed that you did it all without stepping on the scale for half a year. You aren't ruled by the little tin man (scale). You have what it takes inside you, without outside verification to kill it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2916 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3876543
    Michelle you look beautiful! And you have made so many incredible changes. I'm really really happy for you and I think deemphasizing the scale has been a big part of all of these very healthy changes! Bravo!!
    2916 days ago
    Congratulations and wishing you much success on your next challange.

    2916 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    onederland is so happy to have you as an addition. Keep up the great work!
    2916 days ago
    Yay You!
    emoticon on your 11lb weight loss.
    You persevered and stayed on the path and were rewarded for your dedication!
    You look emoticon !
    Sounds like your own personal challange really kept you motivated.
    I like avoiding the scale too, there's just too much emotion involved. Daily weigh in are a sure way to continual obsessiveness and depression.
    Lookin' Good!
    Continued SUCCESS!
    2917 days ago
    Congratulations on completing your 100-day challenge. I'm so glad that you chose to finish the way you started, focusing on the numbers that matter. I'm slowly transitioning that way as well. Not as good as you've done, but I'm a work in progress.

    You look great! I'm looking forward on seeing what you've got planned next.
    2917 days ago
    I was so looking forward to reading this blog today. And you did NOT disappoint! You've shown such wisdom and made this such a joyful journey. I really feel scales are overrated, but having said that, I'm sure it felt happy to see that number below 200. But more important is how you are FEELING, how things are GOING and what LOVELY photos you've produced. BRAVA!!!

    We can DO this!

    - Jen
    2917 days ago
  • LIZ324_NYC
    You look great!! emoticon
    2917 days ago
    Congrats! You look great!
    2917 days ago
    You do look fantastic! I'm so glad to hear you so happy! Have a fabulous 1st day of spring!!!
    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4550505
    A big congrats!! You are in Onederland!! Enjoy!!!
    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13805561
    'Thanks for your inspiration!!!
    2917 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    I WANT TO KNOW! So you can bet I'll be paying attention.

    And yes, you do looking utterly fabulous! Congratulations!!!

    And ready or not is exactly the phrase for me today!
    2917 days ago
    This is AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you and you deserve to be proud of yourself. You have done a great job and it shows. I think you look great!
    2917 days ago
    If you don't mind my asking... how tall are you? You don't look anywhere near 199 to me.

    I love this blog, and the perspective within it! Congratulations on plugging away, and finding a way that is both effective and still works for you as an individual.

    2917 days ago
    You look FANTASTIC!!!

    I usually drink between 144-160 oz of water a day, so I don't think 100 oz is excessive, lol. emoticon
    2917 days ago
    Congratulations on successful completion of your 100 Days Until Summer Streak! I truly love this blog and your progress!. From the opening quote, through your BEAUTIFUL, yes BEAUTIFUL photos, your shared charts, and mostly your honest reflection on your quest for peace of mind, body, and spirit with your journey... these are what makes you an inspiration and motivator!

    You lost weight, a considerable amount of weight, and you have entered Onederland... Awesome! Celebrate this accomplishment.

    Moreover you have experienced, practiced, and learned so much more than the scale can ever report to you. You explore, test, understand, and embrace lifestyle changes that lead you to well-being. And you present the message so well to others through your words and example. I celebrate with you on all these levels!!!

    Well done! Well done, TW!!! I can't wait to see the next leg of your journey! Spark on!
    2917 days ago
    Wow, well done for keeping it up and YAY for Onederland again!
    2917 days ago
  • JUNA89
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2917 days ago
  • EWL978
    YOU DONE GOOD!!! So, now you simply need to keep on keeping on.......
    2917 days ago
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