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How do i deal with the Grouch?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So I have come to understand the harder I work the more I lose. We need to spread the word! All kidding aside what I don't understand is what took me so long to get this concept. I mean its something we are taught in kindergarten, you do the work you get the rewards. Now its hit me like a ton of bricks, the more squats I do the better my ass is going to look, if I plan out my meals I eat within my calorie range. I'm going on the 12th day of really sticking to my plans and I'm kicking butt over here not to toot my own horn but (BEEP BEEP). I have lost 17.2 pound and I find my self trying to find ways to do extra exercises through out my day just so when I weigh in on Sunday I will have to check it twice out of disbelief that I did that, that I ate better and worked out a little bit longer than yesterday.

But i have some thing I need to talk about and what better place to do it than here! A place were people like me have the same feelings, problems, and thoughts like me. Ok so here i go.

I have one of those really negative co workers, you know the kind, she is never happy unless she brings others down. Well lets just say I cant really count on her for any support. Her way of helping me is telling me if I want to lose weight I have to starve my self I can only have on baby food jar size of food a day!!! yeah CRAZY I know I don't listen to her. I work at a day care so its really not hard to fit in mini workouts and like i said before i try to do extras in my day but i catch myself not wanting to because i don't want her to see me, AND BEFORE ANYONE says "don't worry about what people think" or 'Who cares what she says" honest to God i don't most the time but when body part a moving and i pouring sweat and she is over there laughing or making snide comments, its kinda hard to not care a little. As a big girl i have gone my whole life acting like "oh i don't care what she thinks" but on the inside know she/he was a little right. Well back to my point i was mighty proud that i lost 17.2 pound and yes i tell people the .2 :) she (the grouch) was not impressed at all "that's water weight you will just gain it back in about a week or so" or " i give her 2 , 3 weeks max and she will give up" REALLY! who says stuff like that. why what is the point of bringing people down? If you are happy I'm happy with you, If you are sad I'm sad with you. It should not be the opposite. I will never understand why people in glass house throw stones. Don't get me wrong, I don't just sit there and let her talk crap i stand up for myself, I'm a grown up i speak my mind sometime a little to much. But i just don't see how laughing while i try to better my life is going to help me. People talk about fat people all the time but when they see them working out to not be fat its funny? I just don't get it.

Honestly i don't even know it this blog makes any sense, i just need to get this out of my head and see if any one has any advice on how to deal with her and her super negativity?
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  • TREV1964
    You need to ignore idiots like this co-worker - simple as that.

    In terms of eating all you need to do is eat to avoid hunger, never eat to fill up. I personally eat small amounts just enough to keep the hunger at bay. If I feel hungry I drink a glass of water or fruit squash - most of the time the hunger goes, if it doesn't I have a little something else to eat - just enough to stop the hunger.

    I have lost nearly 100 pounds this way over nine months and it works - it really does.

    Please inspect my spark page and my blogs and if you feel I am in a position to help out then please feel free to get in touch and we can take it from there.


    2570 days ago
    I get those same comments from family members, people I live with even say " I give this diet three days till you quit" I just try to do the best I can. I'm down 3 pounds and look forward to the day when I wear a smaller pant size than the naysayers.

    When they start in on me I usually leave the room with a certain finger extended.... They find it funny and find find it funny they don't realize I mean it! My issue people are my own mother and daughter my husband tries at least.

    Point of the story is you have to worry about you not her. My guess is that she is this way out of fear that not only will you be a better person on the inside than she is but also on the outside you will be a healthier one.

    I have faith on you that you will beat your goal!
    2598 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2103219
    yo go girl! Do your thing and don't bother with the grouch.
    2598 days ago
  • NEWME1027
    This program can and will work. If you stop working the program then...well you know it stops working. Like you said its not rocket science. We need a deficit in calories to loose weight. Eating less calories and moving more will do that. SP has many resources to help you along the way.

    As far Ms. Grumpy pants, her actions/words speak volumes for the person she is.
    Yes lets not kid ourselves her actions hurt no doubt. I agree in not discussing with her anymore. If she continues to comment remember when she does its a reflection of her not you.

    2687 days ago
    Well first off you are beautiful and you're not alone, so I hope you can feel the support and strength we all want to send your way! emoticon Negative people like "Oscar the Grouch" (that's my new name for her, sorry lol) are just simply miserable in their own lives and their mission is spread it around. My first suggestion was for you to tell her that "Sesame Street called and Oscar is retiring and they were wondering if she would be interested?", but I know that's not nice. emoticon I TOTALLY agree with STEPH-KNEE. Is it possible to get away from her even at lunch time for a break? I sure hope so!

    Just remember that you have a whole network of people here that are cheering you on and that SHE can not sabotage your efforts or even ruin your day! You have SO MUCH MORE going for you than she will ever have. emoticon Wishing you more peaceful days! emoticon

    2689 days ago
    I don't know why it is, but for some people it is easier to 'put people down" than to "pick people up". I had a friend like that once, I just ignored her and she finally got tried of talking to the wind. I found out that we need all kinds of people in our live--like your co-worker--to keep us humble. They remind us to be thankful that we are not like them. I am happy that the scales are moving in the right direction for you. Enjoy. emoticon
    2689 days ago
    Sounds like someone I know. Her own success with weight loss has been the lapband route. Just not a positive person and if I had the chance to never be around her then I would take it.
    You are on the first stage, you can do this and know that you can always log on here and find the words of encouragement you need.
    2690 days ago
  • CELTIC1966
    Congrats and well done for your loss.. emoticon your hard work has shown well on the scales don't let someone so negative as "the grouch" { notice I aren't even affording her capital letters hehehe) hold you back from enjoying the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done in losing what you have so far.

    I think she sounds quite a unhappy person so it would be hard for her to see you feeling positive and happy.. so the best thing is to continue as you are and showing her that she can't bring you down by her negativity but let it push you on to succeed for you.

    I wish you well emoticon
    2690 days ago
    I agree with Steph-Knee. Ignore the grouch and quietly go about your business. Her opinion does not dictate your choices. Do the things that are working for you, make the adjustments you need, as you need them, not because someone else is yapping at you. Keep a good attitude, a smile on your face and a spring in your step and people will want to be around you as you continue your journey to health.
    2690 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13918254
    emoticon It's hard to understand why someone chooses to be so unkind. I guess you are about to show her that she is wrong on so many levels! I wish you every success as you move closer & closer to where you want to be! emoticon
    2690 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13526625
    It totally makes sense! emoticon
    2690 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13526625
    It totally makes sense! emoticon
    2690 days ago
    I have coworkers that probably have bets on how long til I "gain my weight back", but the joke is on them because it's 15 months in and I'm still going. ;) I am so sorry you have such a toxic person in your life, but I promise you will all encounter those toxic people. The BEST thing you can do is keep doing what you know works, and let your success speak for itself. This is just my opinion, but I'd stop discussing any form of fitness/healthy stuff with her because it seems she only has nasty remarks. Don't even tell her how much weight you continue to lose... I only say this not because it should be a secret, because another 30 pounds from you it is going to be killing her not to know and she will have to come to you, tail between the legs and say "how much weight have you lost?" because she will notice the changes. And if she doesn't ask you, it'll be because she's too embarrassed to admit she was wrong about you. ;)

    I have had coworkers who don't talk to me ever ask how much weight I've lost, it bothered them that much that they just "had to know". So keep working hard and let your success speak for itself, you are awesome! emoticon
    2690 days ago

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