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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 1, 2010... I started SP
March 2011... I hit my modified, lower goal weight! (29 pounds lost, though I usually stayed at the 26/27 pound loss mark)
December 2011... started month still at goal weight.... but started gaining
2012... gained & gained... had several 'injuries'... ended year up 10 pounds
2013... still gaining! now I'm at a net loss of only 11 pounds!!!

One other way of looking at it... I started in June 2010 as a size 14 (though a few years earlier I wore some 16's). I dropped to an easy size 8 where I could fit into everything I tried on. Then I had to get back into 10's. And now I wear 12's and some of those don't fit!

It's FRUSTRATING!! But, I KNOW what to do. It's not easy, but it is possible. It'll be a little harder as I have something wrong with my foot (& need to make a doctor's appointment) so I can't really run right now. But, I can exercise! And, I can track my food! And, I CAN and WILL lose the weight again and KEEP IT OFF!!!

So, here's to my FINAL reset. I WILL make it work. And, I know SP was a BIG part of my success last time and that I can NOT make it work without you all.

I will track my food.
I will exerice.
I will blog.
I will visit SP daily and interact with this wonderful, supportive group.

Thank you all for your help in the past! And thank you for the support I know you'll give again!

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