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A - Appreciate

Sunday, June 16, 2013

S - Support and be Supported
P - Patience and Preparation
A - Appreciate and
R - Ready or not....
K - Keep Sparking

I wanted to wax poetic about about my Sparky acrostic and so far have only managed to get to "S-Support and be Supported" and "P - Preparation and Patience."

So I'm left with the ARK from spARK.

mmm....let me think....

ARK - noun - a place offering shelter or protection

spARK - noun - a place offering shelter or protection from the slings and arrows of an unhealthy and stressful world

In my Sparky ARK-crostic, the A stands for Appreciation.

I feel this this emotion is grossly under-appreciated.

emoticon emoticon

Everyone talks about "gratitude" - being grateful for what you have: for your health, for what you've accomplished, for all the blessings in your life.

People keep gratitude journals.

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone keeping an Appreciation Journal.

I can be grateful for my DH (Dear Husband for those of you unfamiliar with this short hand) and that gratitude implies that I'm thankful for him as a partner, as a friend and as a Father (since it is Father's Day after all!)

But when I stop to Appreciate him, the feeling goes much deeper. To me, it is even more warm and fuzzy than "gratitude" or even "love"

Appreciation is the acknowledgment and recognition of individual features of his personality and the actual characteristics that make me grateful. The act of appreciating is much more multi-faceted than mere gratitude. When I appreciate him, it invokes an awareness in me, a sort of meditation on his intelligence and wit, his kindness and constancy over nearly 25 years.

When I appreciate my DH, it is a verb.

You remember verbs from school, right? They are the "doing words" or "action words" in our language.

Gratitude is a noun. Grateful is an adjective.

Neither word really draws you in; neither requires you to THINK about why you are thankful, or to really "do" anything.

So I challenge you stop and Appreciate some of the things and people and circumstances in your life today. Be sure to make some of these meditations about yourself. What do appreciate about yourself? Your body? The way you look? The way you feel?

Come on, you may not love your legs, but I bet you can Appreciate them! You may have not reached all your goals, or even ANY of them, but I bet you can Appreciate the progress you have made in getting there.

Keep spArking! Only 5 days until summer!

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