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OMG I've lost a lot more than EVER!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hi sparkpeople!

I hit a milestone last week. After major health problems and 2 surgeries in 2008/2009, I gained more than I had ever gained in my life. I tried working out a lot, cutting down on food, but found out just last November that I needed a LOT of help with the food part. I was eating portions that were way too big and not the right combination of foods.
I am still using the Metabolic Research Center and I LOVE them! I could never do this without them, and I have picture proof that I never did LOL!
My milestone last week, my friends, was something I thought I would NEVER SAY on here, my battle was so long. I was literally about ready to give up, accept my overweight body the way it was and go on with life. But I have lost FORTY POUNDS!!! 40.5 to be exact woohooooo!
I am now going to commemorate this milestone with a brand new DIVA POSE ! In my Valentines Day dress (that is now loose on me yaaay!)
Have a great day sparkpeople, and I owe you all a big thanks too for all of your inspiration, senses of humor, and words of support these past 3 years. My weight loss journey is not over yet, but I appreciate all that you have done so far for me and I am thankful for all of you that have posted inspirational pictures and blogs and sent me sparkgoodies and messages of encouragement. You rock!!!
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