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Dealing with nasty comments

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Never let ANYONE diminish your pride in your accomplishments! A slightly rambly rant on a comment I got recently.
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    There are tons of awesome people out there that are doing online dating because their timing, business schedule, family lives, and all other sorts of reasons they are trying a new look on dating. Unfortunately there are the select few like this guy, that are there because he is such a jerk no woman wanted him. ;)
    2335 days ago
    Look at it THIS WAY..............At least you didn't waste ANY of your time on this jerk! You found out RIGHT AWAY HE IS AN IDIOT!
    You handled yourself & the situation PERFECTLY, now don't waste another SECOND even thinking about him! emoticon
    2335 days ago
    Thanks everyone! It's a hard reality that there are people in the world that will make snide comments like this. It's something we all have to be aware of and perhaps it's better to think about how to deal with it now before it actually happens! Thanks for the support -- yes, having been obese is not something I'm proud of, but what I am proud of is where I am now, and that's what matters!
    2335 days ago
    You are doing fantastic!!!!! People who are like this are insecure and feel better by diminishing what you have accomplished. Good thing you found out early before you invested any more time with a JERK!
    2335 days ago
    Good for you that you are putting yourself out there on the dating scene again. Keep this jerk in mind that he won't be the last to make an ignorant comment like that to you in life. You did the lady like thing and didn't take it any further and that's great. We have all been put in positions where people want to attack you only to get their kicks. So rather than feed the frenzy you did right by walking away. Remember some people you find out right away that they mean you no good so that's the lesson learned.

    I know it will bother you but you have got to continue to excel in all you do. Keep climbing and battling daily...

    God bless & be encouraged!!

    2335 days ago
    Erika you did great.Some jerk will say things like that to put down others so they can control them.Don't let anyone control you.You acomplish so much.Smile ,be happy and the right one will come around emoticon
    2335 days ago
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    The bad ones are easy to weed out with comments like that- but that wasn't the point- the point is how to reconcile one's autobiography... me the woman who gained weight is the champion to win back my body... and not regain the weight? And that's what that comment poked about in me. I don't have an answer, a come-back to comments like that.... which is why its a close-ended comment. Don't worry- I respond to any close-ended conversationalist the same way... be it about weight, appearance, politics... etc. You don't have to have an explanation that's the beauty of lifestyle being the vehicle of change. We changed our life style, end of chapter.
    emoticon for posting your experience- I wondered how I am going to react to comments of what I weighed before vs. after by family in future family reunions where one's past is photographed and cataloged for all to remember aloud & and you gave me an opportunity to think it through. Karen
    2335 days ago
    2335 days ago
    There are a lot of FAKE profiles on online dating. He sounds like a High School kid with a fake profile fooling around. Would a mature man make that comment? I think not. Let's say that he is not a kid fooling around but someone your age. Would you really want someone like that for a LTR. Only insecure, low accomplished people need to diminish other people to feel better about themselves.

    Be glad you found out who he is early and you didn't waste a couple hours with him in person or wasted a cute new outfit on this JERK!

    You are to be congratulated and admired for the amazing accomplishment with your weight loss. You look wonderful and deserve a guy who appreciates all you have accomplished.

    2335 days ago
    You handled the situation very well! You have done an awesome job on your weightloss....just awesome!

    2335 days ago
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