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I don't have to do it alone!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear sparkfriends,

I have not written in a long while. Today, I celebrate my first half-marathon! I ran it in 2:08:05. I am delighted with my performance. Although I had been training on a regular basis for this important challenge, I felt less than ready just a few weeks before the race. I had injured myself after running 16K. Last Friday, I ran a painful 7K as part of my regular training. I was concerned I was dragging myself over 7K. I was even more concerned with the negative messaging happening in my head. I was getting myself convinced I would not be able to do it. That was the worst part. If I think I can't well I CAN'T.

I shared my concerns with friends at the gym. It felt good to get it off my chest. I realized I was not enjoying my runs when I usually love to run. I had lost my focus. I knew the most important thing to address was my attitude. I gave my body a break, I decided to rest for a while. Then I gave myself a break by reminding myself why I had decided to take part in this race in the first place.

First, I decided the only important thing to me was to finish not be the best. I don't earn a living racing! Second, I got the play back in the game. Third, I connected with friends. I had completely forgotten I was running with a girlfriend!

As I ran with my friend, I just let myself follow as she kept a steady pace. It was only by the time we had reached the 18km that I started feeling somewhat tired. We fed on the positive vibes the crowds were pouring onto us. Genuine love for free. We also marveled at the beautiful course allowing us to run in streets were we usually drive. At the end, I carried her by giving the final push and encouraging her to push just a bit harder to finish off beautifully.

Today, now that the race is over and that I did far better than I had planned, I savor true victory. Victory over self-defeating mental attitudes. I am so grateful for my friends presence (and of the other runners). I don't have to do it alone!

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