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Yeah, Mom, but it tastes good!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I started the Spark Solution 2-week program for myself a week ago. My husband had tried a few recipes during the week and was surprisingly impressed to find them to be so full of flavor and taste. But it was yesterday that I knew SparkPeople had a hit with the recipes in the Spark Solution.

Last night, I made Panko-Breaded Fish with Tomato Salad for dinner. I was just sitting down to eat when my teen-age son who was outside playing basketball bounced into the kitchen to get a drink. He saw my dinner and said, "That looks good."

As I did time and time again, I hopefully offered, "Would you like a bite?” expecting a funny look and a polite, "No, thank you." You see, my son doesn't care for most healthy foods and only eats them when he has to.

Instead my son surprised me and grabbed a fork. He tried a small piece of the fish. I waited for his disapproving response.

"I have an idea," he said. I watched as he grabbed my whole-wheat pitas, cut one in half, put half a serving of fish in the pita, added a squirt of tarter sauce and headed toward the door.

I must have had a shocking look on my face because he stopped and asked in his teen-age way, "What?"

"You know that’s healthy, right?" I questioned.

"Yeah, Mom, but it tastes good!"

SparkPeople you did it! Your recipes are approved by my picky teen-age son. Now I have so many more healthy choices to fix my family that they will like. Thank you!
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