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Pregnancy and 38lbs

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's so hard to hear I am to gain between 15-25lbs. It's even harder when it is said in front of your other half who isn't pushy but when you make a comment about your weight he then says, "You were told how much to gain." "You should eat small meals and spread it throughout the day."

Oh it's driving me nuts. I'm so scared and upset and well nervous. I want to lose weight after I deliver. I want to lose what I gained and more. I still have 2 1/2 more months and it's going to be a struggle to maintain or lose a few pounds.

See I'm not being sexist at all but men you don't understand. A lot of food is delicious to us and well we may over due it. Losing it isn't easy either bc we have to deal with the baby first and everything comes after including time to exercise, time to eat, just time to think!

It's my first and well I'm just so super nervous.
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  • PICKIE98
    As Carmen stated, release all of that prego worrying!
    You cannot control how large your baby will be, nor the liquid requirements that go along with him/her! What you CAN control is your awareness of your body. Revel in it..
    You will gain weight, you will feel bloated at some point, BUT if you think of your body as a machine, manufacturing something that requires more parts than what you had on you, before conception, it will make more sense.
    Obviously, you did not need all of that food just to maintain without hunger pains before, because you were only trying to satisfy ONE PERSON.

    Picture your baby in a high chair, demanding their food, they are growing Mom, for cripes sake!! Give them food!

    My story is weird. The way I knew immediately that I was pregnant was I lost 16 pounds in two weeks!! yup..
    I then did not gain one ounce until my seventh month,, not dieting or anything, that is my metabolism.. but the OB/GYN told me to eat more and I had to gain at least 15-25 pounds in the next three months before delivery!!
    Weird, I told you..

    I DID gain 26 pounds in that time frame,, my DD weighed only 6'11oz,, I breast fed and lost a lot while still in the hospital,, the rest came off in the next few months.

    If you eat a lot of food at once, and hubby makes a snarky remark, walk right up to his face, in his face, and yell, "Daddy, food,food,food, I am hungry!!! Feed me,, food, food,!!!"

    If he does not take the hint, let him find out the hard way when your beautiful baby screams bloody murder at 2 a.m,, remind him where your pumped, prepared breast milk bottles are, and also that baby should only eat small amounts during the day..
    Choose your battles LOLLOLLOL LOL LOL!!!!

    2745 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12899220
    No worries sweetie! You can't loose or really even maintain during the last few months, that baby alone will gain about 1/2 lb a week!

    The old adage is "9 months on, 9 months off". Most women loose a lot in the weeks after the baby's born, water weight, blood volume, shrinking uterus, plus the weight of the baby and the amniotic fluid.

    Listen to your body. When it craves something, your body needs something from that food. A lot of women crave salty food like fries, and research is just coming around that proves that the placenta needs sodium to work properly. Women who crave meat tend to be low in iron.

    Your husband doesn't understand. Ignore him! Or tell him lovingly to shut it. "Honey, I love you, but you have no idea what's going on with my body. I feel as if it's been hijacked by a thing that cares nothing for how healthy a food is, it just wants it! So kindly stop telling me what mistakes I'm making and just pass the popcorn!"

    With my first, I weighed 176lbs pregnancy (about 40lbs overweight). I gained only 29 lbs, but I ate pretty much everything I wanted to (lots of taco bell!). I was 190 (down 15lbs) 3 weeks later. When my son was about 4 months old (and I weighed 180), I really started to try to loose weight. After breakfast, I would put him in his stroller and walk around our neighborhood for 30 mins until he was asleep. Then I'd bring him home and exercise for another 45-60 mins and take a quick shower. (and I'd clean during his afternoon nap). I tried to keep my calories to around 1200, but that affected my milk supply, so I had to eat around 1550. My son gained weight, and I lost. I was down to 155 lbs (still about 20lbs overweight, but looking pretty good!) when my son was 8 months old.

    Then I got pregnant with my second, and gained 50lbs with her. By the time she was 1.5, I had lost all but 10lbs (having a newborn/infant and a young toddler left little time for me!). Life happens, I'm an emotional eater, was in an unhappy relationship, my mom had a ton of health problems, my brother (my only sibling) went MIA for a few years (leaving his girlfriend and their 2 sons). So I gained. About 40lbs in 2.5 years.

    Now I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, started out at 190lbs, and really wanting to limit my gain to 15lbs (which would put me at the 205lbs that I finished my other pregnancies at). I'm 7 weeks in, and due to bloating and being "stopped up", I've gained 2lbs already. Oh well! I'll gain what I gain, still eating fairly healthy and exercising as I can. And I'll loose it too. It'll just take time.
    2745 days ago
  • CARMEN327
    Hi there, I have had two successful pregnancies. I don't know how far along you are, or what you starting weight so I can only speak to my experience. I started both pregs being 30-40 lbs overweight and the docs told me the same thing, that they only wanted me to gain 25 lbs tops. I ended up gaining about 30 with both, but here's the punchline-- its not fat! Let me repeat ITS NOT FAT! Your total blood volume increases by 50% (blood = liquid = heavy). The baby accounts for a good 6 - 8 lbs, the placenta is heavy and the amniotic fluid is more heavy liquid. I was careful with my eating, but not restrictive- your body needs lots of calories and nutrients, put the thought of losing weight far from your mind, it will only make you crazy. Six week after giving birth both times, I was down to my prepregnancy weight without even trying that hard. I swear, you will pee most of it out afterwards. Plus, later in the pregnancy, the baby pushes your stomach, exactly as if you had your very own lapband.

    So, continue to eat healthy, keep moving, and enjoy the planning and anticipation- its worth it. Hugs.
    2745 days ago
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