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SPARK Acrostic!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Only 29 days until summer people.

Where has the time gone?

When I started this series of blogs 70 days ago, the point was "simply" for me to focus for 100 days on food, water and fitness and to ditch the scale.

When is doing anything for 100 days "simple" when life is so complicated?

Looking back at my tracker for those three criteria and my hand written calendar and notes, things have been spot on "really good" or "great" for about 92% of the 71 days that have passed.

Not bad in my mind with the caveat that I've got to live with some plan for the rest of my life and a plan that does NOT include regular visits to a scale for long, long stretches makes me really, really cheery! We will see what "the number" on the scale says in 30 days. Maybe I'll recant at that time, but for now, I'm a pretty happy and content camper!

I've focused on numbers that I can control: food intake, water and fitness minutes. My fitness has suffered this last week or so because I have not been feeling well. Sore throat and general lack of peppiness has been getting me down. But I'm feeling better today and what I lacked in real hard core workouts, I made up for with great control of my food intake and I got in what activity I could although I have not been stellar at tracking it. Need to fix that today.

And water? Getting enough water is a breeze at this point. I'm used to filling up my big mug in the morning after I have had my coffee and then refilling it as needed through out the day and getting in 8+ glasses of water.

Last blog, I promised myself that I would put down in writing some of what I learned over the last year of being part of the Spark Community.

I've been thinking and thinking about it and realized that I have learned and (more importantly) put into practice, a whole lot! I needed a way to pare it down to the basics.

Then I stumbled upon an acrostic poem my kids did when they were little and decided I would create an acrostic poem of topics around the word: SPARK so I'll be limited to 5 topics.

There are various forms of acrostic poems, but I used the simple form where you put the letters that spell your subject down the side of a page and then you go back to each letter and think of a word, phrase or sentence that  starts with that letter and describes your subject.

I fiddled around with the acrostic and came up with something that was meaningful to me.

I'm only going to give you the acrostic today.

Then I'm going to wax philosophical on each concept in 5 separate blogs, ending it on Friday, June 21, the first day of summer.

So here is my acrostic:

S - Support and be Supported
P - Patience and Preparation
A - Appreciate and
R - Ready or not....
K - Keep Sparking

Until next time remember...

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