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Sooo Excited! Planning 1st Disney World Trip- Suggestions,Advice- PLEASE!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soooo...... It feels like it's been forever since we've thinking about & dreaming about being able to take Andrew to Disney World!!
I haven't been on here as much in the last few months because I have been working my backside off with my ebay store and it looks like it's actually going to pay off!! After a few months of working on it (and I have a few more months til vacation time to come up w/ the rest) I think we're going to be able to take Andrew on an AWESOME vacation to Disney! :)

Neither dh nor myself have ever been there before- so I'm looking for as much advice, tips, suggesstions, reviews...etc.... I'm a big planner and I think 1/2 of the excitement for me at least is the planning & build up!

So, I think we're probably going to be going the last week in September- leaving to come home Oct 1st. Disney just announced a free dining plan for the month of Sept. which it makes it much easier on the budget (although this is still a HUGE expense and probably the smartest thing to do at this time- should be saving insteading of doing this (and I may regret the big spend later...) but you're only 6 once & it feels like the time is flying by and we want Andrew to experience alot of things neither dh nor myself were able to do growing up...anyways...)
Another reason- besides the free dining plan- for picking this daye is Sept 30th is Brian's 40th b-day! :) I'd like to do Oct., but Andrew has horrible allergies and sinus' issues and has been sick every Oct since he was born and I don't want him suffering while he's on his trip. Nov is too close to the holidays (our wedding anniversary, my bday, thanksgiving and right into Xmas) and I don't want to wait til Next spring.... so end of Sept it is!

My biggest decision so far is what Disney resort to stay at???? There are sooooo many to pick from and all the info on the web is overwhelming....
So, anyone stayed at any Disney Resorts and what are your reviews of where you stayed?
So far (and it changes almost hourly with me ...lol ;) I'm leaning towards Disney's Polynesian Resort or Wilderness Resort. Both look AMAZING!!! I liked the pictures of the pool at Corando Springs but found out it was a convention hotel & reviews say it's almost amile from 1 side of rooms to restaurant & that you run into alot of non-disney guest (convention goers) and they say there is alot more drinking/smoking than you would find at any other of their resorts- so that one is definateley out.
I looked at Animal Kingdom Lodge and it looks fantastic- but I don't think any of us (dh,me or andrew) would like there on site African food restaurants- neither Andrew or I could eat most of what's on the menu anyways.
Where have you stayed? Did you like it?

Also, any tips or advice on dining/ restaurants you liked or ones to stay away from...best character experiences, and anything at all you can think of!!!

We are all so excited!! This will be our 1st vacation in 3 years! Last year we only did a few day trips and the year before was spent with me in Philadelphia hospitals...so this will be a real treat!! The year before we took Andrew (and his grandparents- my mil & step fil) to White Mountains, NH to a huge Santa theme park and stayed at a really nice resort- but Andrew was only 3 years old & doesn't remember too much of it- same with the few times we were able to take him to the beautiful Hershey Hootel & Hershey Park (only 1.5 hrs from us- so we were able to go for a night or 2 and drive back home)- he was only 2 and 3 and doesn't remember too much of it.
He's 6 yrs old now- so I think this is the perfect time to take him on a magaical Disney trip!!

Well, back to work while waiting for the delivery men to bring Andrew's new awesome bed! He's been in a twin size bed for the last few years & today his full size bed is coming- it'll match his bedroom furniture (his headboard and footboard are part of what was his baby crib- it was one of those convertible cribs where the sides become the head&foot boards for a full size bed). I ordered his bed from QVC- amazing deal!! A nice Serta Perfect bed for like $500 and some odd dollars- 6 pymts out of debit card of less than $100- free delivery from Serta and took less than a week to get here! The bed was actually $300 less than what the stores were selling them for here.....

Enough rambling....lol...
Thanks is advance to all who read & are able to help with any ideas/suggesstions!!!!

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  • QTEALADY20031
    WOW! you will just LOVE it and so will Andrew. I know I am late reading this but my daughter was 6 years old when we took her and its a great age! September will be a good month to go too. I have been there twice in my life, once with my daughter as I said when she was 6 and then with my grandchildren when they were 6 and 12! You will never forget it! I wanted to live there!! lol The money will be worth the trip. How often do you and your child get to step into a fantasy world!
    Your family will just LOVE it! So happy for you! emoticon June
    1978 days ago
    Wow! That sounds awesome! I am very excited for yall! l have never been to disney world. I someday hope to take my boys on a great vacation like that too. My husband and I have been married 7 years and have never been on a vacation..but some day we will get to do something fun. Y'all are going to have a BLAST I'm sure, I know I will enjoy seeing the pictures!
    2300 days ago
    We went to wd 2 months ago. I will spark mail you some idea's. buy your runners now on sale... You will need them. I will send you the msg on Thursday when I get some time. Ttyl
    2374 days ago
    We went 2 years ago...and the best thing we did, which we wish did more of, was to eat breakfast inside the park at their character breakfast for two reasons : 1) you are already in the park earlier than everyone else and eating a yummy breakfast and 2) since you are already in the park, when they release you from that restaurant when the park opens, well, you are closer to all of the hot spot rides than the people at the front gates!

    For example: Animal Kingdom character breakfast
    - they escort you into the park early
    - they feed you (great breakfast btw) and you get great pics of the characters
    - when you are done you wait outside the restaurant
    - they drop the ropes when the park opens to the public
    - you are the first in line for the safari ride before everyone else!!

    No joke...this is the best tip I could give anyone..ever! I think I would do this most mornings if I had the chance!

    Bon Appetit! and Have a Magical Day!!!!

    ps - love the pic on your back ground :)
    2375 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2013 9:23:12 PM
    I've had only 2 real family vacations in my life. (I don't count yearly camping trips because of too many bad memories of them.) The first I was 6 (I think?) to visit family in Austin, TX. I barely remember any of it. The second I turned 13 at Disney World. That was 19 years ago. I'm certain a TON of changes have been made, so nothing I can tell you will be helpful.

    What I can tell you is about making the trip with medical concerns. Make sure to take food and empty bottles (to fill at water fountains) for in the airport. If you need any extra services for you or Andrew make sure to notify the airline ahead of time. Be sure to review all current TSA rules and call them to ask any questions you have. Make sure you call the hotel to make sure anything special you need is okay (such as if you need a mini fridge and microwave in the room and directions to a grocery store to ensure you have food friendly to your belly available, then ask for it). Request maps of the area/parks now (check tourism sites) and plan what places you want to visit most and which you can skip if need be. Many of the parks have monorail service and/or shuttle services, so check on that so you know what services are available and easy for you to use.

    Another thing to do is check out:
    and start watching the prices for plane tickets now. You can set up alerts there that if the price drops below a certain amount you'll get an email so you can book them asap. Plane tickets are cheapest when traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Most weeks, prices drop on Tuesdays, with most airlines setting their cheapest prices by Tuesday afternoon; but by Thursday the cheaper fares will be bought or revoked. Hotwire also allows you to choose the length of the trip but have the actual travel dates be anytime within a month, so you can see if adjusting travel by a few days or even a few weeks will be cheaper or not. Even so, if you book through the airline you eventually choose instead of another website it's usually easier to deal with any travel changes or problems (such as bad weather canceling flights), but the price is exactly the same. To avoid large crowds at security, opt for a flight that leaves around 1-2 pm, where you'll be going through security around noon (most people avoid it then because they're eating lunch). Also see if you're able to get into a program that allows prior screening by the TSA, so you can get through security quicker. When you do get to TSA, be kind but make sure they know if there are any special medical concerns they need to know.

    I hope you get it all figured out! The more planning you do ahead of time the better chance of having fun without having problems to deal with. I know my trip to GA would've been so much more difficult on me if I hadn't meticulously planned all aspects of it.
    2375 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2013 9:24:41 PM
    I loved Port Orleans in Disney and highly recommend the woop-de-doo dinner show for one night.
    2375 days ago
    Just came back from "Disney-castles" with my 5-year-old grandson. Things we learned:

    1. Save some time for the swimming pool.

    2. You can take snacks and beverages into the parks.

    3. Park "hopper" ticket add-on is worth the cost.

    4. Disney Experience just before nightly fireworks (Magic Kingdom/Main Street) is worth seeing at least once, and maybe, twice.

    5. Music and fireworks display at Epcot are also worth seeing BUT get there VERY EARLY. Good viewing sights fill up quickly.

    6. Several parades throughout day. Select the one(s) you want to see and pick your viewing spot early. Good time to grab an ice cream, sit on the curb, and rest.

    7. Rides have height limits and you can check them on-line. You can avoid some disappointment if you know which rides, if any, to avoid before you go.

    8. Disney experience DVD is available for free and is a great way to prepare little ones for the trip. Grandson still watches as memory of our trip.

    9. "FastPass" is great way to shorten your line time. Can have more than one just check your pass for time you can grab another for a different attraction.

    Finally, this is a VACATION and supposed to be FUN!!!! Relax, take your time, use sunscreen, and take an extra dose of patience 3 times a day.

    Best wishes,
    2375 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2013 6:18:17 PM
    Sorry...internet failure....duplicate post
    2375 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2013 6:16:57 PM
  • -RUBIES-
    I don't have any advice or tips. I am just simply happy for you and your family. I can feel your excitement! I am also happy that your Ebay business is doing well. Woo-Hoo! Work it girl! Continue to enjoy the thrill of planning it all!

    Good times... good times ahead!
    emoticon emoticon
    2376 days ago
    I've never stayed at Disney but my DD and family have been there a bunch and love the Wilderness Resort. I agree with GOLFINGIRL4 also about making reservations and using the monorail when you can.
    There's lots of walking involved and I would suggest that you not try to do too much in a day and tire little Andrew out. You want him to enjoy his time there. I know you are going to have a great time and if I can think of anything else, I will post it on your Spark page. I'll also check with my DD and see if she has any advice.

    2376 days ago
    I am so excited for you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney and you will have such a great time with your son! We go every year, for the Disney Marathon. I would love to answer any questions you may have.

    If you have a deluxe hotel in your budget I would definitely stay on the monorail (Poly, Contemporary or Grand Floridan) This makes getting around SOOOOOO much easier and minimizes time wasted on the buses.

    I would also make sure to make dinning reservations before you go. During free dinning the restaurants are crazy.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I don't want to overwhelm you with information. :)
    2376 days ago
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