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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I took a hiatus from Sparking last week. See my last blog if ya want to know some of what I did! I did all that and more!

Other than the physical chores I accomplished, I did a lot of meditating. Now when I say meditating, I don't mean sitting on a yoga mat and chanting "OOMMmmmmm"

I don't mean sitting at all.

I meditate and contemplate and get lost in thought while folding laundry, doing dishes, washing floors, walking my dogs or working out at the gym. I ponder life while I'm doing simple mindless tasks that I used to resent when I was younger, but that I don't mind so much now because they allow me to do something fairly rote which occupies my chatty left brain and quiets it.

Simple chores do for me what "mantra" does for all those lucky enough to have time to SIT and do that sort of thing. The simple "doing" lets my right brain wander about and find that peaceful sweet spot of appreciation that opens up a whole lot of well being and happiness in my being.

My left brain gets to chime in on all of the sundry bits of this and that I have thought about, learned and internalized when I'm at the computer (like now) writing blogs and...other things. So I'm giving my left brain free reign to wander right now.

There is a reason I'm talking about left brains and right brains.

Last week, I listened and learned about some amazing concepts. Not to put TOO much emphasis on the concept of "Everything happens for a reason...." but I wrote about TED Talks a 2 blogs ago, which led to some Spark Friends (several actually) recommending a certain TED Talk by Jill Bolte Taylor.


After seeing that TED Talk, I felt compelled to listen to her book called, "My Stroke of Insight" (I do most of my reading via audio books. Again, allows me to multi-task) where she went into great detail on her quest to recover from a severe left brain stroke.

She enlightened me on the physical differences between our left brain and right brain and gave me insights into many, many concepts and tools that I had been learning about and trying to "internalize" through my listening to Inside Out Weight Loss (IOWL) podcasts. IOWL podcasts led me to join the Spark Community exactly one year ago yesterday. (would have sounded better if I could have said "One year ago today" but I could not get this blog done yesterday!!)

I consider yesterday to be my 1 year Sparkversary because one year ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog, stepped out into the Spark Community and began to make my way around. (Thanks DAYSTAR-SPRING for reminding me!!)

I began to wander around this virtual kingdom with all its varied and interesting citizens and as I did so I began to examine how other people accomplished something that seems like it should be so simple: losing weight.

I began to focus on those who were successful and then to try in baby steps to emulate them. Little did I know WAY back then, that doing so would lead me on not so much a "journey" as many describe this process, but rather on a grand adventure and a quest that would lead me down any number of rabbit trails, dead ends, closed doors and opened windows. Spark has led me to define a whole lot of other goals over and above "losing weight".

Last week as I listened to Jill Bolte Taylor, I realized that she gave voice to some tremendous insights into my physical mind and it's workings that I had intuitively begun to realize over the last few years.

In addition, she cast a whole different light onto my "spiritual" side and how I think of it (my spirit) vs. my physical being...which is intimately connected with my weight and how I perceive myself which has some profound connections with the rest of my life and the people in it...including all you Spark People!

As T.S. Elliot wrote:

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

Connections and processing are what allow us to take bits and pieces of information and through much work turn it into knowledge and through much more effort turn it into wisdom. Without that internal "workout" you have nothing to hang your hat on, so I would encourage any and all who are struggling with weight loss, or life in general to keep working at opening your mind to the solutions that are out there.

Like Dorothy, sometimes we just need to realize that we have always had the power...

So, this is the foundation for my next blog, where I will go into what I've "discovered" so far from my year at Spark. I've been diligently mining the information out there and I think I've turned it into a little bit of knowledge that hopefully, someday....will become true wisdom.

Spark on!

63 days of (mostly) peaceful food, water and fitness!!

Only 37 tomorrows until Summer!

Attitude: emoticon

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