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A quote that makes me squirm:)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saw this on a little devotional flip-chart that was revealing and convicting: "You always have time for that which you place first."

We may say we don't have time to plan and prepare healthy meals, and yet we do have time to sit at the computer scanning through Facebook posts and responding to people we don't even know!

We say we are too busy to take 30 minutes to walk after supper, but we can find time to watch an hour or two of TV or cuddle up with a favorite book.

We say we can't fit food-journaling into our day, but we spend the same amount of time working the newspaper crossword puzzle.

Priorities: I was thinking of this subject this very week. It dawned on me that it's easy to see my priorities - they are what I spend the bulk of my time on. Whether they reflect what my
priorities SHOULD be or not, the way I do use the waking hours God has graciously given me shows what my priorities ACTUALLY are.

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