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What is the easiest way to get to where you want to go?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Even though I am turning 50, I can still learn! Unless we take the time to put the pieces of life's puzzle together, sometimes we fail to see the big picture. And then even after seeing what is in the picture that we've developed in our minds, we fail to recognize how to apply what we see to our every day living!

I'm learning that failing to see the individual parts of the big picture, and then recognizing that each piece has value that must be given it's due credit has to be part of the process. Without each small part, the big picture has diminished value. Thus the Big Picture becomes a bunch of smaller pictures pieced together to create the larger image.

Yes I know it sounds like I am just rambling but hear me out! In life, we are like artists that get to paint our lives into existence. Working within the confines of a preexisting world. This has two sides to it. Limitations as well as liberations! In order to make forward progress, we need to follow the rules! But we don't have to stumble across the down falls of learning if we learn from those who have already charted a way to the destination we want to get to. People have documented their paths to success. Yes, we might have a slightly different end goal but the steps to get there are relatively similar to the journey of others. So we have the limitations that combine with our liberations to allow for individualism! We get to take the best of both world to set our own course to sail to the dreams that await us.

When a painter paints a picture, they can use each brush stroke to create subtle features in the painting that will affect it's final visual affect. Each small step leads to the final outcome and each step can be as important or as unimportant according to the desired affect that it is intended to have.

So how does all of this add up to provide helpful advice or input to help you get to meeting your goals? People that have succeeded have shared what they've learned along the way. They have created a sort of virtual GPS to get you were you want to go. You can take a step back and see the general direction of how to get there, but unless you become familiar with all of the little bits and pieces that make up the whole picture, you may stay lost without an idea of how to get to where you want to go. You too must "paint your own individual brush strokes" that will create the personalized picture that you want to see. You must take the individual steps that will carry you on your journey. You can take the shortcuts laid out by others but you can't skip those steps to get there! The limitations say we can't get there unless we set our hand to the task. The freedom that comes with our liberations say that we get to do it our own way. But unless we have a Big Picture in mind, realize what little things must be included to create that Big Picture, and then set our efforts towards creating every piece that is needed to make it materialize, it never will!

There will be many who wait for the life they want to just materialize around them. Those who have the happy life they've always wanted, have taken the steps that have carried them there!
Shortcuts are not meant to cheat you out of living, they are intended to bypass the parts of the journey that really don't matter. So if you want to live and learn, stay on the path that meanders as you wait to get to where you end up. If you know where you want to go, set a path, determine what it will take to get there, and be happy to be able to take the steps that will get you there!

If you have no idea where you want to go, I have news for you!
"You Are Already There!"
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