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I failed and I fell

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dixie Pollitt: Why is Uncle Brick on the floor?
Brick Pollitt: Because I tried to kill your Aunt Maggie. But I failed. And I fell.

I've always liked that exchange from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and it has happened to me. No, I did not try to kill anyone's Aunt Maggie but the crackers got me last night.

And I had a concrete lesson on what went wrong. I didn't eat lunch. I had an opportunity to eat a very early dinner with Spawn of Greasy Joan Major and when it came time to eat lunch I figured I could make do with a tangerine. One of those delightful fruits that used to be called tangerines, or clementines, but recently have been saddled with the juvenilizing nick-names of "cuties" or "little buddies". But I digress. So I had one for "lunch" and then had dinner. So far, so good.

I snacked on celery most copiously during the evening. Loads of crunch there. Lots of exercise for an anxious jaw.

BUT....it happened again. After 9 days of abstinence I grabbed at the crackers around midnight. I did not consume enough calories during the course of the day. My dinner was rather light and all of that celery could not make up for it. I think it was a biological imperative.

Learn. The. Lesson.: Eat three wholesome meals and don't allow yourself to get too hungry before bedtime. Being hungry and tired is an invitation for allowing a Great Migration of Carbs into my mouth. Being hungry and tired gives me no judgment. Being hungry and tired is preventable.

I failed; I fell but today I am back up.


May 11
Off to bed! An evening without crackers!

May 12th:
Determined not to succumb to the siren song of crackers; sufficient dinner and celery and carrots prepared for emergency hunger.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wish I could work out what triggered mine... Not eating too little at other meals don't think. Yesterday think it was because of having 20 teenagers in my garden all afternoon.
    2959 days ago
    Good advice.
    2959 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Now you know the big trigger. You can now move forward and make the changes to where you won't need those empty, crunchy, salty carbs. WOOHOO! Great step forward.
    2959 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13804916
    Hi, I'm Josie.
    You failed. You fell.

    And you are INSPIRATIONAL!

    2960 days ago
  • DR1939
    Well, the thing to do after a fall is to pick yourself up. Several of the responses have some excellent advice about blood sugar. Now you just have to forgive yourself and continue your previous streak. emoticon
    2960 days ago
    Your "back in the saddle again"...I have those days and you live and learn. emoticon
    2960 days ago
    OK - I'll ask - why are the crackers still in the house? Toss em. Keep the streak!!
    2960 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 6:09:46 AM
  • no profile photo CD13629552
    9 days is a heck of a good start, Breezy Joan.
    One of the problems with eating juicy fruits like cuties is that your blood sugar rises and drops so quickly. And celery has almost nothing in it but minerals and water. Your day was full of water and fiber... good for you, but not satisfying or stabilizing for your blood sugar.

    When your blood sugar drops (which I'm guessing happens when you have trouble controlling yourself), you crave carbs to make it rise again. Carbs temporarily fill the empty feeling in your stomach and also make your blood sugar rise quickly. So then you feel good until you have both an overload of sugar and a guilty conscience.

    (I'm not lecturing you; I don't have blood sugar issues, but I have fat and salt cravings, so if I eat nothing but veggies all day, I am prone to overeating later.)

    Glad to see you dusted yourself off already, fixed up your hair and made yourself presentable again already after you saw the floor up close. But even if you were still down there, we'd help you up and help dust you off. We've all been there.

    We're cheering you on as you streak cracker-free through SparkPeople! (Hmmmm... sounds kind of wicked, that...)

    2960 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13425678
    Hi, Natalie! I caught up on all your cracker blogs at once. Oh I just love to read your writing, and my whole self recognizes the experience of eating mindlessly then suffering the regret, bewilderment, gloom - all that. Ick. I had a recent episode of eating mindlessly in the evening and it was exactly as you describe here - eating too little during the day, and being too tired. Since starting Sparkpeople I save a bunch of my calories in the morning & at mid day (eating light is easy then because usually I don't want food early in the day) and eat those calories in the evening. It really helps. But it's not 100%. But you beat it for 9 days, next time 10 days, etc. You are triumphing but it's a process, not a once-for-all thing. Thank you for sharing.
    2960 days ago
    Life is all about the learning process. We all fall, what is most important is that we learn from when we fall, and work to avoid it in the future. Stay strong!
    2960 days ago
    You learned a valuable lesson. So, you dust yourself off and get back in the ring.
    2960 days ago
    Don't throw away the 9 days you were set free, those were still successes for sure. And I'm the same way if I don't eat my meals or plan my meals I get into trouble. I also find that when I go grocery shopping I tell myself this time it will be different and it never is, I end up binging on the very thing I swore I wouldn't do again. But good for you that you are evaluating what happened helps in the future!
    2960 days ago
    The important part of this is 1. you learned and 2. you are back up!! To me that's a win/win!!
    2960 days ago
    2960 days ago
  • SINGER73
    We have all failed and fell but the winner get back up and keep trucking. Feedback NOT failure.
    2960 days ago
    I had 4 soda crackers for lunch. I'm not even sure why I ate them. They weren't very good.

    I love clementines, cuties, mandarins, tangerines, little buddies.............whatever they call them. LOL.
    2960 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11712373
    Glad you're back up! Quit buying the crackers at the store! I had to force myself to walk past the Ritz's and Easy Cheese at the grocery last night, lol. D@mn Crackers! emoticon


    2960 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12805109
    Those "cuties" are delicious but not enough to sustain an active body. Your analysis and solution are correct. We have to eat enough healthy food (high protein, fiber, vegetables, and complex carbs) to keep our engines running. You'll be starting a new streak today for avoiding the late night munchies.
    2960 days ago
    Best wishes for an even longer streak this time around!
    2960 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2013 2:37:15 PM
  • SCOOTER4263
    You've learned your lesson, and no one is on the floor! Well done, Joan! emoticon
    2960 days ago
    OH I love this movie! Yeah I am 32 but I grew up watching these kind of movies instead of the crap in the early 90's. Yeah it is hard when you get hungry late because your brain has shut off and your mouth just takes over. You no longer are thinking about how can I eat to stay with in today's meal plan. You become a zombie taken over and only can think of hungry and anything that will make it stop. LOL mindless you eat til you wake up in the morning and go what was I thinking oh wait I wasn't.
    2961 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2013 2:30:44 PM
    You're back up indeed. You are Greasy Joan and the pot is nothing without you.
    2961 days ago
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