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Grab hold of the gold wherever you can find it or be washed away in the tides of life!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Life is a gift as is each moment we spend in it. We all should try to find the treasures of each passing day that come in the form of small moments of peace, joy, pride and honor and hold on to each of the seemingly insignificant pieces (all the bits and pieces of gold dust) and cherish each of them to improve the quality of our lives!

Just like when panning for gold, all that is not gold is allowed to be wash away and no attention is given to it. It is the silt and dirt and rocks that are given no attention at all because they have no value. However, even the tiny small particles of gold dust and flakes have value even if it is not quite as valuable in comparison with the value of a larger nugget.

But even a small gold particle's value can be compounded to be receive greater value when you gather each of them together and look at the many small pieces that you can treasure as a whole, which are collected, gather and saved. Before long you can gather much from your labor and efforts if you are patient and persistent to commit yourself to the gathering of the many small bits and pieces that you come across. But if you focus on the bulk of your efforts and consider it as meaningless and filled with nothingness, the work you've spent sorting through the dirt and silt will allow you too to be washed away in the currents of time as your sorrows and despair will be compounded and come rushing down over you. So don't fail to notice the real treasures that were meant for you to find! To gain any profit and to be successful, you have to be vigilant to keep your eyes focused and watch for the greater valued gold that is washed through your pan and not let them pass you by being washed away with the rest of the dirt and debris.

Now don't be confused, this blog is not about the gold that we can hold in our hands but the valuable opportunities that we have in each moment to catch a glimmer of life's treasures that we can experience in relationships and interactions with one another if we choose to seek and find them in the many moments of our lives. A smile, a simple encouragement, a laugh, a reassuring pat on the back, a thank you, a small gift of kindness, the holding open of a door, the picked up something you dropped, the assistance of instruction when you are confused or the wink of an admirer. The luxuries that we take for granted, the selection of foods we have in a store, the peace of living in a free land, the assurance and peace that comes from living in a civilized world, the modern miracle of medical, dental and optic care, running water in your home, interior plumbing, heating and cooling and on and on. When you count every flake of what you do have, like the conveniences of this life, the pleasures and opportunities that you have each day and the people that you interact with, and if you choose to develop the habit of seeing the good instead of the bad and find that being able to sort through your struggles to find the solutions to resolve each challenge you are presented, you will find that you are truly rich beyond belief.

But if you choose to focus on troubles, on what you do not have, on what others have that you wish were yours, the abilities that you do not have, the things you've done wrong, the life that has been wasted, the future that you find hard to believe will ever come, the opportunities that you have passed up, the money that has been wasted, the things that you have lost and all of the negative things that happen in life, you will find yourself being swept away in the unstoppable currents of life.

Receive peace, create joy, experience happiness, bath in healthy fellowship, wash yourself and others in forgiveness, be a fountain of mercy, search for goodness, grab hold of God's grace, believe in charity and become a river of life!

So I leave you with this one simple question to contemplate: How much gold do you have?
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