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Sorry I have been so preoccupied.... Total Stressfest.....UGH

Monday, April 29, 2013

Doug's work has been very slow, so I have been trying to pick up the difference, which isn't easy, nor equaling money wise. lots of stress. Really tired of robbing peter to pay paul. I hate calling and asking for help or an extension on whatever payment I am trying to come up with.
Mom is doing GREAT, which is AWESOME! In fact, right now, she is on a cross country trip with her brother and sister in law. Having a ball, I think she is doing better than us kids as far as losing my Dad goes. it makes me very proud of her.
I gave her this picture of me to print and pin to one of the back seats, so I can come along!!!

I have been depressed lately, which any of you who KNOW ME, know that's NOT RIGHT! Just financial woes. Haven't been drinking 1/10th of my normal, for the past few months. Not as "comforting" to me anymore. I am tired ALL the time. Starting drinking coffee and I can drink a pot and still take a nap afterwards......is that weird? Or just me?
To top it all off , Janet (yes, Janet) my SECOND wonderful therapist in a row (how lucky is that?) is changing departments, so now she is referring me to a gal named Emily, whom I have met, and I like I suppose. It's just the "starting all over again" I dread.
Nicholas is doing AWESOME, finally maturing a bit. Poor thing is in the middle of the Peter Brady voice change, and has been for about 5 months now. Really sounds like a girl... I feel so bad for him. MEANWHILE, sweet shy Daniel, has been picking up the slack with a vengeance...He is physically maturing quicker than Nick, even though he is 23 months younger. They fight constantly and it's Daniel as the aggressor. So I FINALLY make it through Nick's years of drama, he is such a hoot now. And here comes another load with Daniel.
They say God never gives you more than you can handle, well apparently He thinks I am pretty bad ass! Comes with lots of tears and fears.....maybe I am NOT so BAD!!!

STAY WELL MY FRIENDS! I promise I wont be gone so long, I am trying to make some time for myself, its just few and far between. Most of the time I am on my phone, like on FB and Sparks just doesn't work right on my Android....cant do much there, so that doesn't help me stay connected!! I will do my best to take a few moments for myself in the future. Just feel as if I have lost my way sometimes.....just stress.....UGH

Love you All!
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