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wave runners challenge

Sunday, April 28, 2013

so here we go i now have the information so here i go what will i do with it.....GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

Main Challenge (30 or 0 Points): Your personality traits can tell you a lot about what kind of fitness routine will work best for you. Take an 8 minute color quiz to find out what your color is http://www.the8colors.com/. Then Visit http://experiencelife.com/arti
cle/your-fitness-personality/ to find your fitness perosonality. Share with your team or blog your results.

BONUS (20 Points or 0 Points): Participate in a workout that matches your fitness personality results three times this week.


Fitness Color: Roaring Reds, Now!

Motivation, Approach, and Focus

Reds love to be where the action is. They experience life through their senses, craving stimulation and adventure from the physical world. Physical activity is a lifestyle for Reds, and they can’t get too much of it. They have a robust and playful nature and love games, sports, contests and competitions. With their quick reflexes and in-the-moment attention, Reds are drawn to fast paced activities that involve speed and thrills and that demand quick reflexes—such as basketball, tennis, or mountain biking. Reds are fully engaged in the moment.

Their personalities are casual and spontaneous. They prefer to go with the flow and stay open to opportunities as they arise. Sporting get-togethers are open and flexible; seamlessly set up with no pressure. For Reds, “be prepared” is not a simple maxim; it’s a way of life. The trunk of their cars may look like a sports-equipment swap meet. They prefer having their gear at the ready to take advantage of any opportunity which may arise.

Goal oriented, Reds are hands-on people who enjoy frequent-short term victories and intermittent competitions. Reds typically find exercise in and of itself to be tedious. Reframing exercise as “training” is much more effective. Training to stay in shape for a sport or goal provides a focus that helps them push through an otherwise boring routine. And, of course, everything is more fun with other people.

Environment and Interpersonal Connection

Playful, enthusiastic and people-focused, Reds enjoy interacting with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures and have a knack for stimulating others to enjoy themselves. With few exceptions, Reds prefer physical activity with others—it’s a favorite way to connect with people. When it comes to indoor activities at the gym, being with others combats boredom. Often they will arrange to meet and train with friends at the gym, or, with their outgoing nature, find others to connect and train with once they’re there.

Solitary, indoor, routine exercise alone is too confining for Reds. It doesn’t provide enough variety, challenge, or opportunity to use the skills Reds enjoy most. If they must exercise alone, they’ll watch TV or listen to their favorite music on their iPods to keep themselves going.

Red Efficients (ESTP)
Reds Efficients enjoy high energy, fast-paced training sessions. They look for trainers who provide specific and concrete feedback so they can make corrections in the moment. Red Efficients employ a trainer to prepare them for peak performance and competition with others.

Red Harmonies (ESFP)
Reds Harmonies enjoy high energy, fast-paced training sessions. They look for trainers who provide specific and concrete feedback so they can make corrections in the moment. Red Harmonies appreciate trainers who encourage friendly competition and camaraderie with others.

Roaring Red – Now!

Reds (ESTP, ESFP) are quick responders with high energy. They like to be where the action is, living in the moment. “Reds never zone out and disengage during a workout,” Brue says. You won’t see them reading a book or watching TV while on a treadmill. In fact, you’ll rarely see them on treadmills at all, she says — because Reds find them boring.

Motivation: Friendly competition is a great motivator for Reds. Pickup basketball games, beach volleyball, mountain-bike rides with pals — these are the activities that sound fun to them — and fun is essential. If you’re a Red, stock your trunk with equipment to keep exercise an exciting, entertaining and easily accessible part of each day.

Suggested Activities: Basketball, tennis, racquetball, in-line skating, Frisbee, mountain biking, soccer, skiing.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MARIANNE9855
    I just saw this on your page- I am a purple- and it actually fits what I do- which is riding my bike every day for 30 min. I think this is the first time that I actually took a test that matched me- thanks!
    2384 days ago
    I was a Gold.
    2407 days ago
    well while I was in hospital in Aberdeen I did loads of walking... they had a corridor that was a mile long!!! not sure what they would have thought of me skiing or skating!!! I'm not sure the test got my colours right at all... I like walking messing about on the wii and swimming... and at just 5 feet tall I was no good at net ball so the basket ball is most definitely not my sort of sport!!
    2407 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    Took the test; been told I was blue, but they directed me on the Gold page.

    Geez, it is not going to be easy to participate in a workout that matches your fitness personality results. What did you pick?
    2409 days ago
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