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What are you focused on? Where do you want to go?

Friday, April 26, 2013

These are 2 very important questions that I continually ask myself. And why are they so important? It is because I have come to realize some very important truths about life.

When we focus on something, the things in the background are blurred and we cannot see much more than what we are focused on!

Can you tell what is in the picture behind the rose? Everything but the rose is blurred because it is not focused on at the same time! This same kind of thing happens in many other aspects of life. When we focus on positive aspects of something, the negative aspects are blurred in the background of your mind. It's not that they don't exist, it's just that they are not present within the rage of focus while we set your mind on the positive things.

While we fight the battle of going from one lifestyle to another, we must transition our vision from what was normal and okay to a new and better normal as well as the things that are more than just okay. Just as when focusing on something where the things that are behind are not focused on, while we move forward toward our new futures, looking backwards affects our ability to stay focused. This is normal but we must force ourselves to stay focused forward so that we are not caused to sway off course. It is always easier to hit the target that you focus on because all of the distractions are no longer in view.

So how do we use this to our benefit as we seek to set and accomplish our goals? Our goals are our BIG MAJOR TARGET which we must break down to many smaller goals and targets that we must hit in order to get us to our final goal.

If we focus on that same old cake and ice cream we used to eat just as we have always done, we stay where we are because we can't go where we are not focused on going. Our healthy choices are blurred in the background and it makes it very hard to move towards our goals.

If we focus on our healthy choices, that same old cake and ice cream gets a healthy makeover because of our focus. The type of cake may change, or the amount will change or we won't even see the cake as an option. The same happens for the ice cream.

If we make an active decision to avert our focus from what we have been doing to what we would rather be doing in the new future that we want for ourselves, we actually equip ourselves by doing that small first step. We may still make mistakes but as we recognize them and make adjustments, we start moving in the direction that we want to go. If we focus on fitting into a pair of old jeans, how will that affect our decision on what we eat? It won't! It will blur our goal and push our good choices into the back ground blur that we are hoping will affect our decisions keeping us from making the good choices that we want to make. If it is not in our view, how can it affect our focus? A photographer cannot take a picture of something that he doesn't bring into the view finder!

A sharp shooter can't hit the target that he isn't focused on. A person wanting to improve their health can't do the individual things that are necessary to achieve their objectives, unless they focus on each of the pieces that will take them to that final, "Big Picture Destination."

So if we see each piece of the puzzle and determine which piece is the right piece to place in our focus at the right time, we can move ever more steadily and directly toward our goals.

What is for breakfast and will it take us further or closer to our goals? What's in the pantry and the fridge and what should be in them? What kind of exercise am I getting and what kind should I be getting? What are the negative things that I am focused on and what positive things should I be focused on? What type of words and phrases come out of my mouth and what should they be to take me to my destination? What kind of visual influences do I allow myself to be exposed to and will they help me reach my goals? What words are my ears continually bombarded with and are they words that positively influence and guide me or are they distracting and negative? As we focus on and answer each of these questions, we are given the opportunity and are empowered to take active steps to alter our actions and our surroundings which will help take us to where we want to be.

Each of these questions and many more help us to decide on the many smaller goals we set for ourselves. If we ignore these truths and fail to take hold of the control that we are given to stay focused on our objectives, we are doomed to slip and fail while remaining stagnant or even moving backwards away from our goals! You have a destination and where you go has a lot to do with what you are focused on and where you want to go!
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