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Dear My Senator/Wannabe Elected President in 2016

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Senator,
You are one of the golden boys of the GOP. And that's not a huge fraternity. You recently divorced yourself from the pack by the revelation that people should have equal rights and liberties--even if they are GLBTQ! One of the fruit of your loins came out to you and you realized that your spawn should have some civil rights. In a highly publicized effort you turned around and announced your support for the GLBTQ tribe. You trumpeted that it was a family matter for you and not one of political expediency. Just a small convenience if people happened to be taken with your flexibility on your thinking.

Now I wonder---with all due respect and issuing no threat to you whatsoever: if a member of your family was wounded or killed by a gun might you perhaps have a similar convenient revelation and choose to support rational law instead of the NRA's deep pockets? Is that what it would take? I know that the faces and photographs of the victims and Tucson, Aurora, and Sandy Hook have not compelled you to vote for a law that might reduce the 50 rounds that a troubled person can shoot off in a matter of seconds. Why not 10 rounds? Or 5? Should we wait until weapon technology reaches the point where a demented teenager can take out 300 people at one blow?

Now I do not always vote along party lines and I have stopped thinking of you as flexible and started thinking of you as just another self-serving hypocrite.

Your Constituent
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Scary. Thanks for speaking out. emoticon
    2972 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12648623
    The governor in my state just signed a bill saying that life begins at fertilization, doctors are mandated to tell their patients that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer (something that has been scientifically proven wrong), and doctors can refuse to give their patients information about abortion. I'm actually confused why they did not make abortion completely illegal since they are saying life begins at fertilization, but the Christian conservatives have never been known for using logic. All this, and it's just going to cost the taxpayers even more because of the lawsuits I'm sure will be filed in an attempt to find this bill unconstitutional.
    2980 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12935469
    2980 days ago
    Love the letter!!
    2981 days ago
    Prayers for sure. I am afraid it will be just like the wild wild west with folk carrying guns ever where you go. My sister said where she lives the are packing heat on there person..in other words. visiable seen. May God help us.
    2982 days ago
    everyone just thinks of himself first--
    i'm the only one who thinks of me first!
    2982 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13425678
    Foolishness and greed continue to reign in most human institutions. I don't know why it keeps making me so angry when it's the status quo. But I thank you for your eloquent statement. I agree with you.
    2982 days ago
    2982 days ago
    I like it!
    2982 days ago
  • BOPPY_

    2982 days ago
    With you on this one, Natalie. I just came back from watching Montana's governor sign the bill that finally repeals the unconstitutional sodomy laws. I don't want to dismiss how moving it was, standing beside statutes of Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin and Senator Mike Mansfield, to see a little thread of justice be carried forward from the fabric of the past. It was a fine moment. But I winced when the crowd delivered its biggest applause for the Republican representative who stood on behalf of the repeal because his daughter is gay. Good for him, and thanks. But I, for one, will not applaud a man who still votes to disrespect the land rights of Native people, who still endorses subsidizing the oil and gas companies that are pillaging my state, and who still fights against any restriction at all on unrestricted gun "rights."
    2982 days ago
    well said... maybe you should stand!!
    2983 days ago
    Wanted to share this from the comments to a Washington Post article on Portman's changing of views on gay marriage:

    "May the Fox News neochristians' small and shallow Abrahamic god bless them with a gay child or grandchild to open their cold, closed hateful hearts - it worked for Portman and their Lord Cheney so there is hope for them, too."

    I'm relieved that there is hope for them all and all of us to come around and open our hearts.
    2983 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2013 12:31:18 PM
    Well I don't vote in Ohio so I'm sorry I can't vote against him! He also apparently doesn't have children that could require having an abortion as well!

    I do vote in Washington State where we have as our principal political representatives polticians that understand that some gun control, right to abortions and equal rights for LGBTs are important, whether one has personally suffered or not!
    2983 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    From what I understand, the deep pockets can make or break a career. Such a sad state of affairs when once again a very vocal, savvy minority holds the country in their hands.

    2983 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    hmmm not sure who were writing to but I would address it to my ohio senator. emoticon for sharing this great blog
    2983 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    Well said.
    2983 days ago
    Re: your saying that you issue no threat to said senator, an SP friend noticed my status, "SiP is ashamed of the U.S. Senate," and proposed performing colonoscopies on the elected beauties in question.

    Shiver me timbers and full steam ahead.
    2983 days ago
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