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April 10th to the 17th's Photo Blogs...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well?!!

The last couple of days have been sad here with the bombing at the Boston Marathon. That wasn't far from me, so just hit TO close to home. I'm praying for all who were effected by this stupidity! I'll continue to keep all in my prayers.

Okay, on a happier note, lets get back to some photos! The next one I had to look up and scan, so one reason why it took me so long. Second reason, I'm in the process of planning three parties, so very busy. This weekend will be my youngest cub's 12th birthday! I'm sure I'll get some good photos from there... hee hee.

April 10th's Photo word was: 100
The first thing that came to mind was when my cubs were smaller. At school they would celebrate the 100th day of school. So I looked up the photo when my youngest cub was in kindergarten. The teacher gave the assignment that the children had to come in wearing 100 of something. Most children made a macaroni necklace with 100 noodles on it. I made my cub a shirt that I stamped 100 soccer balls on it. He loved that shirt. In this photo he is the one on the right with the yellow "100" glasses.

April 11th's Photo word was: Overgrown

When we first started doing vegetable gardens we were VERY bad at weeding! We all hated doing it! My husband and I would try to keep up with it, but then you miss a week and all is gone crazy. We just gave up. Now we put straw down to help with the weeds. Works great (wink). This is a photo of my little cub cutting some scallions to go with dinner!

April 12th's Photo words were: A Touch of Yellow
How perfect timing this is, hee hee. This past weekend my husband / PapaBear painted my front & side doors. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but was unsure of the color. I wanted to do "yellow", but worried about it being a light color and having two, sometimes THREE boys, hee hee. So then I thought "red" because my house is a slate blue and I'm very patriotic, so just fit perfectly. But then saw my neighbor's red door and she has a blue (close to my color) house, so CAN'T do that. My other neighbor has a white house with red / maroon door. So back to my first choice! Looks great! Here is my front door (too bad I live in a state you really have to have a storm door for protecting during the winter months, but still looks nice!)...

I also wanted to post this picture too...

Every August / September we find a caterpillar and raise it to a beautiful butterfly. When they become the butterfly we set them free. This is one we let free. At my boys school (well old school now) they do this as a class in second grade. So the school has a butterfly garden (with the bushes butterflies like). We put him on the tree. My touch of yellow.

April 13th's Photo word was: A Feature...
In the notes it said to make "you" the feature, so it's suppose to be more like a self portrait. Well, like she says, I am one of the people who hate pictures of myself. So for fun, I'm putting this as a sort of self portrait, hee hee. Matthew is my husband and Frosty, well, he's one of my favorite teddy bears. I added Frosty's name to bug my husband that day, hee hee.

Maybe I'll work on getting some self portraits of myself this year... hummm....

April 14th's Photo word was: Stairs

These are pictures of my cubs and PapaBear redoing our side stairs. A couple of years ago, we decided to fix them. The deck was good, but stairs and railings were getting old. The old owners never protected the wood, and well we didn't either when we bought the home. We figured to fix them earlier, but they lasted longer then we thought. My three boys had fun working together. I love that and that is what I see / remember every time I step out that door!!!

April 15th's Photo Word Was: Sprouts

Back to our garden. This is our oldest cub at 5 years old. He was helping us plant our garden. Since we don't have much room to start out plants from seeds, we buy most from a near by nursery an plant the small plants ourselves. We do start some from seeds, but I like this picture of my cub concentrating on what he's doing. So not really a "spouting" picture, but close I guess, hee hee.

April 16th's Photo Word Was: A pie

This is a picture of my oldest cub last year. I'm not sure if I have already used this picture, but fits for today's word. Both cubs entered into our church's Men & Boys Bake Off! He entered into the "Pie" category. This is him winning second prize for his Apple Pie he made! He was so very happy and I was so proud of him!

Today's Photo Words Are: A Sign
I had a few I liked so decided to do them all.

This is part of the sign of a Diner my family always goes too when in the Lakes Region of our state. It's an old Diner that was restored. When my husband and I were dating and first married the place was called "Bobby's Girl Diner". We would go there so much each Summer the people would remember us after the long winters. They watched our two cubs grow. Sadly it was sold and to a small restaurant chain around here. They have kept it the same, but it's not the same. Food wise or the people there. So this sign brings back many great memories!

This is a Pizza place on the main strip of the lake we always go to during the summer. When we were little I remembered seeing this sign and knowing we were close to the arcades. Now being older and seeing the sign it just means so much to me all these years after (good memories). The pizza, not really good and it's not like we went there, but it's just part of that strip near the docks.

Just a sign on the beach at the lake we go to. After 5pm, you are on you're own "Beach Closed No Life Guard on Duty".

This is a fun sign and can be found at almost every fire station around our state. "Smokey the Bear"... "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" I remember watching the little videos at school with Smokey the Bear as the host. One of my favorite teddy bears always wanted to be a forest ranger, hee hee. So this is a picture of him with his idol, Smokey! We took it for fun. My husband and oldest son stayed in the car and my youngest cub and I put my teddy bear on the sign and took the picture! At least I have one cub who is just as crazy as me!

This last sign is not mine, saw it on line. But I think it's very funny. My husband loves going to Goodwill and not sure if you know that annoying... okay, annoying to me... song from Macklemore, Thrift Shop. Well my two cubs and husband love this song and crank it up when it comes on. I think to just annoy me more! I thought this sign was perfect for them...

Sorry, not sure where I got this picture to post that info. Really think it was on FB.

Okay, looks like I'm caught up! Thanks again for stopping by and reading / looking at my blog. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
God bless...
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    As always, love pictures and the comments that go with them.

    2980 days ago
    I'm catching up on over 1000 E-mail messages and found a link to your blog. Seems like a good day to catch up with your pics! They are always so happy and so creative! Happy Birthday to your youngest! Can't wait to read about his party. Love you! Melissa
    2980 days ago
    What fun. I love your pictures!
    2980 days ago
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