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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do you ever have days where you just feel ugly? I don't mean physically, I mean emotionally? I am having one of those days already, and it's only 7:47am, I've not even been up quite 3 hours yet!

I have noticed that I am feeling particularly argumentative this morning. Everything I see somebody post on Facebook is making me want to start a debate. I'm not normally like that, or even if the thought crosses my mind, I leave it at that - just a thought. I am having a really hard time this morning not lashing out at people.

I guess if I'm to be honest and introspective about it, it all boils down to pride. If I feel the need to immediately and constantly criticize or correct others, it must be because I think I know better than them. Probably the biggest sin I struggle with is judging others. John 3:17 is very clear about how Jesus didn't come to condemn, but to love. I need to do the same. Just because I don't agree with someone doesn't mean I'm better than them, or I'm right and they're wrong. God is the only one who sits in the judgment seat, and I'm NOT Him and I do NOT belong on His throne!

My 2 biggest passions in life are health & Jesus.... I am passionate about the physical and spiritual wellbeing of myself and all those whom I love. But I need to learn to communicate this to others better. I think I probably turn most people off when what I want to do is help. I get irritated or aggravated when I think that others are not understanding the Bible or the importance of nutrition correctly. First of all, who's to say that I'm correct? And secondly, even if that were the case, I should not be feeling angry or annoyed, I should be feeling love and compassion. Jesus doesn't get annoyed by us, although He certainly has every right to do so! He extends mercy and grace, and I need to do the same.

It is obvious to me that I need to get off my computer and draw close to God in the Word and in prayer. Does anyone out there have any advice on how you respond when you disagree with the way other believers interpret the Word of God? Or when other people don't interpret "healthy" in the way you understand it? Sometimes I think I need to just bite my tongue, the whole 'live-and-let-live' philosophy of tolerance. But the Bible is also clear that as fellow believers, we need to hold one another accountable and correct one another in a loving way. I haven't figured out when to do that, and how to do that, I guess. I think others just perceive me as attacking or criticizing.

Well, thanks for "listening". It's good to get things off your chest now & then. I pray that you all have a day full of the Lord's great unmerited grace!
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    Great blog. I do not worry about how others interpret God's word, we all have such a diverse backgrounds. I worry about me.

    I hope that you find peace as you seek God's will for you.
    God Bless you!
    2985 days ago
    emoticon emoticon God is with you every step of the way.
    2985 days ago
    I can only deal with how I feel. I do find that on days when I am feeling particularly irritable it is best to get out and enjoy nature. A new hair cut or perm also helps!
    2987 days ago
    You are putting so much thought into your situation -perhaps you need to find a peaceful place and see what comes. I find that lighting a candle and just watching the flame allows the answers to come.

    I am currently writing a poem about the way we see life... the theme is... Some people see life through a microscope, criticizing every fine detail; some see life through a telescope seeing all the things they'll never reach.... perhaps we should see life through a kaleidoscope, marvelling at the colours and patterns, giving it a small knock when we want to change things a bit, and giving life a big shake when we want to overhaul it totally...

    2988 days ago
    I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. There are times when some people are just not at the same place in their journey with either physical or spiritual health as you are. Like I admire your changes to not eating meat but I'm not at that place yet. Or spiritually God works in us in different ways and different times. And in my experience He works on what He wants to work on us in His timing, and not ours. For example, He may being dealing with one person in a specific area that He feels is more important to that individual in that place in time, and someone else differently. It doesn't mean one is more advanced than the other, its just that He picks what is most urgent to deal with each of us as individuals. Share what you've learned, and then trust God to make it real to them if that is what He wants to do. It's ultimately in His hands how and when he chooses to deal with us. I don't know if this is making sense to you. An example might be that He chooses to deal with one person at this moment about sex out of marriage for example, and not deal with them yet about tithing. While someone else He may feel that social drinking is something He wants that person to deal with and someone else with their language. He doesn't expect any of us to be perfect, and none of us will be. But how and when and in what order He chooses to address an issue with each of us is in His own timing. I know that at different points in my Christian walk, I've been dealt with different things, and something that I learned I needed to do early on He may let someone else slide with for a while because there is something else that is more urgent in His eyes in order to deepen their walk with Him. Some things are also easier for one person while for another person it's a deep deep issue that takes time and patience on His part to free them from. The important thing is that we each, as individuals, concentrate on what He is trying to change in us at that moment in time. An alcoholic who is destroying their life may be dealt with sooner than a social drinker might be, because of the effect it is having on their life and their walk. While the social drinker may be having much more difficulty with forgiveness and so that is what He is focused on and in His timing the social drinking may be dealt with. THese are just examples and I'm not judging anyone for where they are at this point in time. It may be lying or stealing or cheating or adultery or one of a multitude of other things that is killing that person spiritually or maybe even physically at the moment and that is what He chooses to focus on in them and the rest will come in time. No sin is worse than another, no matter how it may seem so to us. Sin is sin. How and when it is addressed between God and an individual may vary. And we will always be changing and growing and learning in our walk with God and a year from now what you felt was okay God may then work on you to change for whatever reason. Just share in love what you know, then put them in God' hands and pray for them. There may be some times when they keep coming to you with the same problem when you need to share more times, but if its not something that the Holy Spirit is also working in them to do you can't make them change. I hope this help some and isn't just confusing. And as you said, maybe what's happening is the work God is doing in you more than whether the other individual follows what you are admonishing them to do. Growth is often painful also. You are not ugly, you are forgiven. And the work in you continues.
    2988 days ago

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