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The lone walk of weight loss? Is there any other way?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Many of us have personal issues that contribute to our unique lives that have contributed to our weight gain! We have schedules and commitments that demand our time. Sedentary jobs spent sitting behind a desk, talking on a phone, restricted to a small office or workspace. Some of us are parents that must attend our children and the tasks associated with always being by their side! There has been no one beside us at every meal and during every moment that led to our eventual condition of being overweight and out of shape! How can they understand? Don't we have the right to blame all of these things? Can we take no blame for where we have ended up! Along the way, were there not those who spoke of the right way of living or who were doing what they could to help those that had gotten to that point of unhealthful, weight ridden and unfitness while we were steadily moving toward our eventual condition?

What was it that we chose to do with those clanging cymbals that clattered in the back drops of reality? What could we have done differently? Did we put up walls and justifications of why they weren't talking to us and why we weren't part of that pathetic group who had no life or self-control! Well now we are! We have received the just desserts of our ignorance and self neglect! Could we have done something when we were only at the point of starting to gain and just beginning to loose our youthful fitness? Well, in reality, those questions don't really matter unless regret and self pity is the place that one wishes to waller in self pity. Unless revealing those choices will help us undo the wrongs that we have done to ourselves. The fact of the matter is that the choices we made in the past were what laid the path that led us to where we are here now and if we want to get out of that place of regret, we must do some things differently! We have to hear those who are yelling out the messages of fitness and accountability.

So are we doomed to make that walk, run or streak towards weigh loss alone? In reality, we weren't alone on the way to gaining weight and getting out of shape. We chose to make our decisions that got us here alone! I promise, not one person said "It is your destiny! You must neglect your health and eat every bite to ensure your awaiting doom! There is definitely no way to make changes to avert what is planned and awaiting your eventual down fall!" That was us if there ever was a voice who uttered words anywhere along those lines! In reality we got here in spite of the warnings and regardless of the signals that were blaring before us! So what good can this do for us to admit? We can realize that we are not alone and that we have an entire cheering crowd around us wanting and waiting for us to succeed! To hear them you must undo the wrong that you have done to yourself. Take the cotton out of your ears. Stop flipping past those channels that promote healthy living. Stop staring at those food advertisements that break through your will to remain on track. Start doing what you know you should have been doing by first taking credit for your failure. Then start claiming your victory one decision at a time. Become aware of your surrounding and of your inaction. Become aware of what your cheering crowd of healthy patrons around you are bellowing as good choices.

Do we have to walk alone as we strive towards our weight loss and fitness goals? It is a choice. It is a perspective that we are given the right to choose. Today decide if you will acknowledge those who are on your side whether they are literally at your side or not. Take the opportunity to change your habits. Change your mental aversions that allowed you to get to where you are and stat hearing the caring of those that send out the cries of warning and offer path of help and assistance. They are like the life raft that has been tossed to your side. Grab on. Don't let go. Pull yourself up as they strive to lift you back up from the flood that seeks to drown you. There is help! There is hope! There are multitudes willing, wanting and waiting to walk, run and streak towards your victory with you! You just have to choose to join them. They are waiting. I await your decision. Will you join me? I care or else I wouldn't be casting out this message of hope and offer of help.

What do you choose? Do you want to walk alone? Or do you choose to run to your victory at the side of those who have held out their hand and offered it as a hand up!

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