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Getting my mind right!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What is all of this stuff about regarding weight loss, healthy nutrition and fitness? Can I really look at all of the things that I have to go through and not be overwhelmed by the challenge of loosing 100lbs? And not only loosing it but keeping it off?

Come on! I have to read labels and track everything and change foods out from what I've been eating all of my life! I have to break old habits and learn new healthy ones! I have to change my way of thinking and learn to like working out, and like spending hours and hours doing fitness training and maybe weight training. I have to give up a lot of yummy foods that I've fallen in love with! ( at least my taste buds did) I have to start focusing on things that I haven't burdened my self with for my past 49 years. Is it really worth all of that effort?

Whine, Whine, Whine! Pout, Pout, Pout! Whaa, Whaa, Whaa!

Do you mean I have to give up the constant struggle to loss weight on some temporary diet that might work to take off some weight only to reappear with more trailing behind the sudden weight wave that comes crashing over me once I quit the DIET! I mean am I really worth the effort? Can I really do this? And what will I gain in the long run? I mean look at all I have to give up and all the effort I have to pour into this to so called new way of life to succeed!

Okay really, does any of this sound familiar? Are you kidding? This is like a dream! A dream that can replace all of the years of nightmare! I didn't just wake up one day and BAM! Look at me, how did this happen? I'm 100lbs. overweight. I mean, it wasn't there yesterday was it? Of course it was! And before 100lbs. was 90lbs. and 80lbs. How long was 70, 60 50lbs acceptable as long as I didn't have to face the reality that it wasn't, isn't and never will be attractive. Oh, but inner beauty is what really counts right? What part of, I let myself become this way out of self neglect and selfish indulgence is pretty? What LIES must I tell myself to say that being unhealthy, overweight and out of shape is acceptable? Who can convince me to believe that numbers like these on a scale shouldn't affect my self perception and make me feel guilty? Do numbers like I've mentioned indicate that I am a failure? YES! I failed to maintain a healthy weight!I failed to stay fit! I failed to control my eating habits and let my cravings take control of me and failed to hold myself accountable! When I look at others that are out of shape, overweight and having had let themselves go, (I'm telling the truth here now) do I say, "Oh my, aren't they just so attractive!" I'm sure that inside of that blobbish person is a truly attractive individual with strong moral and ethical values that is probably kind and considerate? I mean, don't you just see that inner beauty exuding out and covering all of the external fat, flab and slothful appearance. Don't get me wrong because I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! I am a nice guy and do have strong moral and ethical values who is kind and considerate! But when you choose a car, do you look past the exterior condition and decide to get to know the car better on the inside and buy it even if it is a Pacer?

And when I see an attractive person, should I be telling myself that, Yea, the are very attractive externally but I'm sure that they are just ugly inside! Don't get me wrong, but one attribute can't be used to justify the blatant neglect and abuse of the other and be called beautiful! We all desire a full package deal and anyone that doesn't admit that is fooling themselves! Yes there are those of us who are flawed and choose to look past the flaws of others so that we can be matched up with others that are on our equal playing field but inside, we are wishing we could measure up with the tens that we admire from a distance!

So what should I be telling myself? The Truth! I don't feel handsome and I sure as heck shouldn't expect others to have to come searching for the hidden internal character traits that should some how overwhelmingly justify and counterbalances the external flaws! SO WHAT CAN I DO? Say thank GOD for this opportunity and decide to put my full effort into making a change for the better! The opportunity to do what I should have been doing since my youth! Of course having a better role models to follow could have helped but even so, who says that I would have followed their examples? The bottom-line is that I am here now. I am who I have been and if there is going to be any change in my life for the better, I have to do it! It's on me! It's my responsibility and I can't expect someone else to fix me for me! There is no magic pill, no mystery diet that I can use that will give me long lasting results. Permanent results! Results that my children and friends can see and know that it is because of a new found inner beauty and strength that is permeating throughout my life that will say that even I believe that I am worth the effort! That the person inside of me is someone that cares about me and is able to care for others as well!

So I will accept the blame of my past! I will look myself straight in the eyes (in a mirror of course) and say, get your act together and get in gear! Let ME do this! I am not losing something sacred and valuable! I am deciding to conquer the things that I have allowed to conquered me for far too long! All of the new challenges that I choose to engage in are truly the things that should be valuable and worthy of my time! I will replace the meek, self conscious, persona with a confident, out going persona worthy of the time and affections of others because even I believe in me and who I am! I will look good for me and for them! I will be confident for them as well as for myself! I won't be a jerk but I will be self confident while not allowing myself to be abused by any jerks either!

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is on it's way but each today, I must take command of a do what is necessary to propel myself to victory! Each day I will acknowledge my failures and my successes while I continually tweak things to develop a winning strategy and process! I will become educated and apply what I learn! I will conquer the things that have conquered me! I will take charge and own the victory that I must grab hold of! I will learn what to eat and which quantities are healthful. I will learn to cook my own meals so that I won't be a victim of the restaurant foods. I will learn what foods to choose when I do eat out and I will stop making excuses. I will be my source of encouragement because I must succeed even when those around me aren't there to offer their support! Yes it might be hard and the road may be tough but that will ensure me that the prize that I earn will be one that I will not let go of! I am! I shall be! I will claim who I am and become confident and proud of being ME!


The cost will be my past. The cost will be my failures! The cost will be what got me so fed up that victory over this creature of self neglect and abuse has become the greater reward! Every day when I look at myself, I will face my choices! If I choose to continue to lie to myself, I will know about it and have no one else to blame! Today is the day for change! Today is the day to be held accountable! Today I will answer my own cry for help! Today, I will choose to be the solution and not the problem! Today I have chosen to make a difference in the life of someone that matters! ME! Look out world! Here I come!
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    Great blog - the one statement that stood out for me was - " I am not losing something sacred and valuable! I am deciding to conquer the things that I have allowed to conquered me for far too long! All of the new challenges that I choose to engage in are truly the things that should be valuable and worthy of my time!"
    If you don't mind I would like to borrow this and use it on those days when I am feeling discouraged!
    Thanks for sharing.
    2878 days ago
    Good luck on your journey!
    2879 days ago
    Great blog!
    2879 days ago
    2879 days ago
    2879 days ago
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