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Hunger levels...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Found this on a spark blog:

Hunger Level Sensations and Symptoms
1 Starving, weak, dizzy
2 Very hungry, cranky, low energy, a lot of stomach growling
3 Pretty hungry, stomach is growling a little-------eat at this time
4 Starting to feel a little hungry -------------------------eat at this time
5 Satisfied, neither hungry nor full ---------------------- stop eating
6 A little full, pleasantly full ------------------ STOP EATING
7 A little uncomfortable
8 Feeling stuffed
9 Very uncomfortable, stomach hurts
10 So full you feel sick

..and I have not seen it before. If I look back, I have very rarely gone into stage 1-3 or 9-10, but eight is the usual cue to stop eating and mostly i start eating at 5 insetad of waiting until level four...

But there is another interesting aspect too - I do not get the mood effects in level 2. I do no tget cranky or low energy when I am very hungry, and starving for about ten days have not been enough to make we weak or dizzy... the hunger feelings also disappears after a day or two. And in the four day fast I did this week I surely did not feel any disadvantages physically...

Yesterday was eating day, I found it remarkably hard to allow myself to eat calories enough, I don´t want to gain back what I have lost. Had sushi for breakfast, smoked ham and two apples for lunch, salmon with apple and parsley pesto (spark recipe) with a little mashed potato for dinner - altogehter about 1500-1600 kcal. As I went swimming in the morning I had a lot extra to eat if I was to be +-0... so I grazed on some rye bread with cheese in the evening which felt bad but it did not turn into a binge and I was on the right side with my calories as well.

Swimming - it was the first time in ages I went swimming and first time in that newly restored indoor arena where my gym is. I went there before breakfast - opens 6.30 - and there were a lot of people. But they were good in following the instructions on pattern to swim so it was comfortable. Although not in the physical sense I do breaststroke swimming, I swam for 30 minutes and my neck was almost killing me after being held in that position for so long, strecthed it afterwards but I kep feeling it all day, in fact it still hurts a litlle. This will pass with practice but it would be samrter to alternate breaststork with swimming on my back, just that it is not really managble with that much people around, I would bump into them... anyway it was the initiation of my new swimsuit and it worked well.
And I was a little giggly remembering the motto:"Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them." because in younger days I used to look at those poor creatures who swam painfully slow and thinkg that they were pathetic for not working harder...and now it is me that is so slow that it is almost backwards and I am really doing my best...

To manifest that I am going to do a lot of exercising this month I cut my hair - and then dyed it purple:

After not having spent a dime on my hair for about seven years I will now have to buy mousse to style it and go to the hairdresser regurlarly.

And in the emotional trumoil I had last weekend I forgot some laundry in the washing machine...did not smell nice when I discovered it, have washed it again and hope it helps, it was not moulding but a little musty...

Today is fasting day again - I am worried that I won´t make it, I will have to cling onto the "Just for today" idea as I will eat again tomorrow. Today is a 500 cal day and my idea is to spend it on fried mushrooms and maybe a chicken breast, have to track it to see if it is inside he 500 cal limit.

It was still - 4 degrees this night but as the sun is warm almost all snow has melted away, during the day it gets +5-10 degrees and it is really nice!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You look fantastic! That's a great look for you.

    I think you sound really great and strong. Interesting hunger chart. I had never seen it before.
    2419 days ago
    I love your hair! Best wishes on your fasting day.
    2419 days ago
    Hey Ms MeddyPeddy! Are you doing the 5:2 Fast Diet? What do you think? How is it working?

    I just read about it in People Magazine two weeks ago. Researched on-line, just got to watch Michael Mosley's program a couple of days ago.

    So I've done it two weeks ago ~ Hubs started this week. So far so good. What seems to work the best for me is to skip breakfast, eat a light lunch and then supper. It's only been two weeks, but I think this is doable.

    Cute hair!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2419 days ago
    Great job getting your workout in. I love the purple hair!
    2419 days ago
    Nothing like a new hairstyle to welcome spring! It is uplifting! Color looks great and you're going to love the short style for swimming. I love my wash and go "do" and probably won't ever change it other than a little lift with the gel. I admire you're getting up an swimming early. I've gotten to enjoy my quiet mornings too much. Love retirement! Have a wonderful day!!
    2419 days ago
    GOOD FOR YOU for going swimming! I know that it can be hard to take that step!
    Maybe it helps to do some exercises to stretch and use your neck for a few minutes every day to prepare you for next time.
    You're very bold with your hair! I'm sure you enjoy the new look!
    2419 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    You are soundind wonderfully positive today, great to hear!

    I couldn't do fasting days myself but if it works for you then thats great.

    I agree with your ideas with the hunger chart but unfortunately I don't always recognise my hunger! emoticon

    I love your hair colour, it is actually really flattering.

    emoticon emoticon
    2419 days ago
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