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I did it!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

...with a little help from my friends, both Spark support and those in my real life.

Four days of fasting is over, today is eating day and it is weird that I am allowed by the theory behind this (Michael Mosleys The fast diet) to eat anything I want. Pizza, lasagna, McDonalds worst... My BED (binge Eating Disorder) could not cope with that so I will follow a commited plan.

I put myself in trouble yesterday - got a press invitation for a new "raw food" - shop opening and needed to fill a blank space in my business edition so I went there to take a picture. And they had sushi and octopus salad and seaweed salad and I asked if it would be okay for today and they said so so I bought some to have today... and knew I was in trouble. Because that was healthy food and my emoticon immedeately started whisepering:

emoticon That is really healthy, you can exchange your planned dinner for today with that sushi!

Me: But if I eat it I will have left my plan and I know what usually happens when I leave my plan, I totally fall off and eat anything in sight

emoticon But it is the last hours of the fourth days anyway, it does not really matter if you eat this tonight or tomorrow morning.

Me: But I want to be able to say that I made a plan and succeeded in following it.

emoticon That is unnecessary rigid, you are a grownup mature paerson that can manage to be flexible.

Me: Oh no, go away, if there is something I know about myself it is that I am NOT able to be flexible concerning food and eating. I have this BED diagnose and I would not have discussed this if it had been a broken leg.

...so I took precautions. I phoned my OA-friend and committed not eating that sushi, and I phone my sister – and I went to bed very early. Which is why I am sitting here 4 o clock in the morning (although it is five now, time has passed) writing.

I have the ambition to go swimming before I have my breakfast (the sushi) and for the afternoon I have planned some pesto salmon that was on recipe in Spark.

The result on the scale this morning was that I have lost four kilos in four days – that is 8.82 pounds and if I weigh myself tomorrow morning (eating within my calorie range today) it will probably be maybe one kilo up. But as I have been eating compact food, not only fluids I think the rest of it is "real" loss.

The success factors in the four days I managed is:
– having a plan that I belive in my heart in - and got some scientific approval for.
– being open to others of what I was doing.
– asking for support and using my OA-friend as a crutch.
– keeping fairly occupied and avoiding trigger situations.
– allowing myself to be a couch potato after work.

Now for the next big challenge - to eat moderately today while having a fast day in perspective for tomorrow. The idea now is to go into alternate fasting, which means one day on, one day off (as described in the fast diet). I think that might be even harder to establish than doing a one-time four-day fast. Because this alternate fast should go on for quite a while.. which makes me think that I should make a limitation for it.
So it is alternate fast for the rest of april, that means 24 days with 12 days of eating and twelve days of fasting...interesting. On the 30th of April I will elaborate the result and decide if I think I can go on or if I need to be easier on myself. The ultimate goal as I have written earlier, is to use the 5:2 balance that the Micael Mosley himself has found doable and healthy.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me - it has been really, really appreciated!

And this is the sushi for breakfast...

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