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Battling the Binge & Splurge!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Many people will feel defeated when they over indulge during a Holiday or even on a special occasion like going out to eat with the special people in their lives! As a standard rule, we should be seeking to gain knowledge, wisdom and control over our eating habits that gives us victory over the long run but as we move towards that direction, what can we do to counter the effects of bingeing and splurging that will lead us to that inevitable goal we so much desire to attain? Realistically, it is difficult to always eat within a narrow calorie range every single day of our lives and as many will seek to do this, it can be self-defeating to our motivation when over and over we find that on occasion, we fail to do so especially while we're early in our weight loss and nutrition journey! So what can we do differently to help move us in the right direction? Maybe thinking of things a little differently can remove that burden of emotional self defeat and turn it into a strategy for success! Can we learn to accept the truth and use it as a positive influence to turn it in our favor?

We didn't get to where we are because of a few failed meals where we overate! For most of us it has been a long journey to get to where we were tried of that upward trend of the bathroom scale.
So now we are seeking to correct the wrongs and make things right. We know that the reality of turning the boat around quickly is actually asking a little more than we should be able to reasonably expect. So get a grip on that truth and let's look at some strategies that can help us!

So what is right? Right is eliminating the bad habits, the bad self image, the lack of self control and learning how to love and take care of ourselves in a healthy manner. Learning to stop when we're full and learning what the right foods are that will keep us healthy allowing our bodies to do what they naturally do to keep us healthy. Good stuff in, in the right amounts, will allow our bodies to do just that.

As we are retraining ourselves, there will be times when we loose control and go overboard! In our unhealthy state, that is what got us to where we started and maintained that upward trend on the scale! We ignored our mistakes and we failed to make any corrective actions to make up for those mistakes in order to maintain a healthy body and idea weight in order to be fit!

So how do we over come all the many years of failure, bad habits, and lack of accountability? We make gradual but consistent changes and retrain our minds and hearts to care about what goes in so that the outcome is healthy, mindful results! This can take time and it is expected that along the way, we will have struggles where we fail and lose control from time to time. More so at the beginning and as we are vigilant, less and less over time. During a weight reduction and nutrition retraining program, we can tend to feel like we are being stuck into a cage and from time to time get that rage to escape the cage. A buffet, a special celebration dinner, a trip to that amazing restaurant, Grandma's amazingly tasting dish all insight that inner desire to let loose. Eating comfort foods to sooth emotions when we feel stressed because of the many reasons we might be bombarded on a continual basis might give us the urge to splurge! These battles that we encounter are what makes it so difficult to stay on track! So what can we do different the will help us ensure long term success?

First is to recognize what is going on! What was happening inside that produced the outside symptom of splurging or bingeing? As we snap back into reality, having broken down to the pressures, the best first step is not to beat yourself up but admit to what had taken place! Did you give into peer pressure, did you just have to eat so much of that plate Grandma fixed for you or was the celebration seen as an opportunity the cage? Desire to take the opportunity so that we recognize these things and hold ourselves accountable rather than blaming the external stimuli. Then we can start to make internal mental modifications and thus start making modifications in our actions, reactions and converting unhealthy habits to better, educated, controlled responses that will give us the victory!

Let's Track how much we ate. Let's try using the note option under our food tracker to express the truth of what caused us to binge or over indulge. This takes us through the mental processes that holds ourselves accountable and will help retrain our thinking. Then that helps us develop a healthy habit to replace the bad habit which will bring us back in line with our long term plan to attaining our goals! Giving us the opportunity for finding the healthy alternatives that we'd like to embrace and solidifying them in our minds to equip us for similar battles in the future.

Then we must pay the price of our mistakes by choice as we acknowledge them. We must decide that there is a price to be paid and enjoy that thought by giving ourselves a way to recover and remain in line with our long term lifestyle strategy. Overtime this new mentality will become second nature and we'll have it as a new healthy habit to keep us where we want to be!

Here is a little example of how this could work. You know that you should remain in a healthy calorie range and your learning new habits, making new recipes and buying new foods to replace the bad. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Dinner, a Wedding, an Argument, a Big Problem that Produces Stress or Whatever is what led up to that time you Splurged or Binged! As soon as you come out of the haze of the battle zone, recall what happened. Track your food and recall your emotions and the mental process that you went through that said, it is Okay to overeat in this situation and make a mental and/or physical note of it by journaling or noting it on your tracker. Then, figure the number of calories you went over by. This does 3 things. It gives you an assessment of the damage done, it allows you to face the cause and affect of your decision, and equips you to repair the damage!

Repairing the damage can occur in 2 ways. First mentally as you come to grips with the cause, affect and process that led to defeat in that battle. The that can equip you with new strategies to use in the future. Then second physically as you develop and way to repair the damage that has been done to eliminate the gradual incline during maintenance or to maintain the decline during your weight loss. You can do this by determining the amount you over-ate in total calories, and then cut your daily calorie intake over a few days or a week so that the net effect doesn't undo the hard work that you've accomplish at the time of the aversion. Eventually this will happen subconsciously and become one of the new healthy habits that you'll swap for the old unhealthy ones!

By doing these simple things we take responsibility for our actions by not blaming the circumstances, we recognize what went on internally, we devise a solution and we change the habit of just overlooking our failure as being acceptable, thus owning the desire to remain true to your dreams and goals! Seeing this as a positive process, desiring to go through this exercise and rather than labeling it as punishment, grabbing hold of it as a means of empowerment and a way to move forward over the bumps, struggles and minor setbacks that will lead us out of defeat and launching us toward our major victories in the long run!

Sorry my blog was so long but I wanted to document these tools to become equipped as we head into the daily battle to changing our lives for the better. Remember what it is that we want. Remember the cost of not addressing these issues and decide today what can be done to improve the odds of success! When the WAR is won and we are standing on the right side of the finish line knowing that the new lifestyle we've decidedly taken hold of at the cost of experience and hard work, we'll be more determined than ever to never let it go!

Then when faced with that dinner date, buffet table or holiday dinner, self control and a well educated choices will be what keeps us from bingeing or overindulging and that pain of defeat will no longer have a place in your lives!

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