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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hi Sparkpeople! Long time no see! I tried making a couple vlogs like I said I would and they both were super long videos!!! So I think I'll just stick to typing this one out...

There's a lot I need to update you guys on! I'll start from the beginning. Since the last time I feel like I updated, I had stabilized at 155 pounds. I was pretty happy there. I was wearing a size 10 and I felt like I looked pretty good. I knew I could look better, but I was content. Then I'm not sure what really happened... I remember weighing myself one time and I was up 10 pounds, after drinking at a friend's birthday party. I'm sure that not all those 10 pounds would have come from the alcohol, but it had to come from somewhere. Then my weight never went down from that. It's slowly crept up from then. The highest I've seen on the scale since then has been 175. This morning, I'm at 172.4 lbs., wearing a size 12 comfortably. I had bought the Bodymedia FIT armband at some point in hopes to get some motivation back and that didn't work. I mean I do love my armband and that I can see how much I'm burning all day every day, but it didn't give me motivation like I thought it would. Then recently I bought the Omron body fat monitor in order to accurately measure my body fat. I did have calipers before this, but I didn't feel like they were that accurate. When I received my Omron, I didn't like what it told me... my body fat as of this morning is at 32.8%. None of this is okay with me. I'm tired of it and it needs to stop.

The fat girl mindset is back. I feel worthless, depressed, ugly... I didn't get the results or the reactions that I thought I would when I lost weight, so I thought, "what's the point?" But I know I was much more unhappier when I really was fat than I am now. Maybe I need new friends that actually share the same goals that I do and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, rather than the friends I have now that just wish it could magically happen and deny that they have to do the work to get it.

I had been doing lots of running for my workouts, sometimes doing Jillian's workout dvds too... and that's where my mistake was. I shouldn't have been doing as much cardio as I was. I should have been doing more strength training and I knew that. There was one day I was recording my measurements in my file I have on my laptop and I went back and looked at older measurements and found the place I had been at 151 pounds, my lowest ever... Then I got on SP and looked at my workouts and nutrition during that same time and I had been doing strength training!! My nutrition is similar to what it was then, other than the fact I'm slacking during dinner time now and letting myself have more treats... but aside from that it's the same. During this time I was also doing workout dvds or cardio alongside with the strength training... I was doing some crazy workouts! I don't think I could do that again exactly, but I really do need to get back into lifting weights.

This brings me to the present... For the past week I've been addicted to bodybuilding.com. No, I'm not wanting to go all out and be a body builder! But the women on that site look absolutely amazing and I figure they know what they're talking about. They even have free workout plans on there! There's a feature that helps you find a plan and when you use it, it gives you the top 5 plans that would probably work best for you... so I chose Jamie Eason's Live Fit plan (http://www.bodybuilding.com/f
It's a 12 week program split into 3 phases. She has the workouts made for you and has a meal plan too, although I'm not going to follow the meal plan. I think my nutrition is fine other than the extra treats and failing at dinner time. I'm going to follow her workouts since I'm kind of clueless about lifting weights.

Today was Day 1 for me. When I first saw what the workout was for today, I thought it was going to be easy for me. Boy was I wrong!... either it's that hard or I'm just that out of shape lol! It starts you off with a chest/triceps day and my arms definitely feel like they were worked! I'm really looking forward to this plan and seeing what happens with my body :)

Here's my stats for today also:
upper arm-11.75

The measurement that bugs me the most is my hips... They've always been the biggest trouble spot for me and my measurement keeps going up... Not ok!!! I'm hoping the LiveFit program will teach me what I need to know about lifting so I can continue on after the 12 weeks are over.

I'll be posting progress pictures as I go (my current ones are already up...eww) and sharing my measurements and anything else I can think of.

Thanks for reading all my rambling if you make it to the end! Keep going strong SPers!
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    KAYLMN: I've actually stopped doing it a long time ago... I got as far as halfway through the second month and then stopped. I didn't like having to go to the gym every day. I'm more of a "work out at home" type of person. However, her workouts are awesome. They made me feel like I was getting stronger and I could definitely see the difference from when I had started because I was having to up the weight I was lifting a lot and I was beginning to see a little muscle definition peeking through. Overall I just don't think the program was something I could keep up for very long. But I still wish you luck!
    2932 days ago
  • no profile photo KAYLMN
    hi, i am just starting jamie eason's program this week. have been actually trying for the last month to get it started, finally yesterday was day 1. curious as to how your doing on the program.
    2934 days ago
    LOWFATFOODIE: I definitely plan on trying some of her recipes!
    3040 days ago
    CURVYDIVA86: I'm not completely out of that dark place, but I'm hoping if I see the changes I want from lifting weights then maybe my mind set will change. I don't know how else to work on it other than to either lie to myself until I believe it, or see a therapist which is expensive. But I'm sure eventually we have to get out of it right? And yes sadly I'm really realizing now that it really is a lifelong struggle.
    3040 days ago
    Jamie's program is amazing! and try the turkey meatloaf muffins-- they are so awesome, my non-healthy friends love them.
    3041 days ago
    Wow, I've been in a similar situation lately... up some pounds/ a size from my lowest weight and not happy about it... slipping into that "fat girl mentality" of not being worth the effort... pouring over SP tracking from my old "glory days" to see what I had been doing that worked so well. It is AWESOME that you have pulled yourself out of that dark place and rallied!! Truly deciding you are worth the effort and committing to it is half the battle, I think. You are gonna rock this!!!

    That said... isn't it amazing how the weight can just creep back on when you get a little complacent? Just goes to show that the journey is never over for any of us!!

    3042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    emoticon emoticon
    3043 days ago
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