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Exercise Guru advice?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have decided to venture into the world of exercise/fitness DVD's. Can you make a recommendation?
I am the kind of person who probably secretly--now it's not so secret -- would like to work out with Richard Simmons and the soundtrack of Sondheim musicals. But I see that Simmons and Broadway was once a VHS and I no longer have a VHS that works.

I'd like a few names of exercise gurus who are not TOO upbeat, not TOO tyranical. I want somebody who is not soporific yet not manic. This person does not need to quote Kant or Hegel but I don't want anyone too upbeat and perky. Well, maybe somewhere in between lugubrious and perky...

My primary goals are weight loss and cardio-fitness. And please remember that I am elderly or at least wandering about in the world of elderness.

Thank you for all of the responses!
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    Hmmm....well, I do wonder what Kant would say about exercise DVDs, given his little tirade in What is Enlightenment?

    "Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why so great a portion of mankind, after nature has long since discharged them from external direction, nevertheless remains under lifelong tutelage, and why it is so easy for others to set themselves up as their guardians. It is so easy not to be of age. If I have a book which understands for me, a pastor who has a conscience for me, a physician who decides my diet, and so forth, I need not trouble myself. I need not think, if I can only pay — others will easily undertake the irksome work for me."

    Perhaps an exercise guru who quotes Kant might be a contradiction in terms?
    2999 days ago

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  • 4CYNDI
    OK, I love Leslie Sansone too! She has many varied walking based dvds that are challenging and while she IS perky it's not overly irritating. I mean I've been walking w/her for 7 days a week lately (sometimes twice a day). These dvd's are mostly low impact and those that are for people who are fit/advanced walkers which have some light jogging can be modified to low impact easily.

    If you are looking for a little more intensity in your workouts try Tae Bo. Billy Blanks does a great job with cues and explaining what to do. However, it is a really challenging workout without a lot of steps (mostly punches (while holding a squat). But also low impact. (Can you see a theme here?)

    I can also recommend Coach Nicole's workouts. She has others with her modifying the workout for different fitness levels.
    2999 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12805109
    Look online for DVD's from the classical stretch organization. They have a tv fitness series that are available. A great workout and very calming.
    2999 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13367794
    Another Leslie Sansone fan here! Go to YouTube.com and search for Leslie Sansone. There are full-length 1-mile, 2-mile, and 3-mile walk videos posted there by the American Heart Association. A great way to try out her videos FOR FREE!
    3000 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    Count me in the "I love Leslie" club. I got the set with 1, 2, and 3 mile walks about 7 years ago, and they are still used regularly, even though I also do powerwalks outside and treadmill runs inside.

    I have Denise Austin's Personal Training System--it's really easy to put together the right workout for you--either follow a low, medium, or high intensity pre-set workout (60 min) or put together your own with the 20-min cardio and 10-min targeted workout sessions. Yes, she's perky--but there's something about the positive talk that really sinks in to become positive self talk.

    And if you like Richard Simmons, go for it! You can find a lot of stuff on You Tube if you want to try before you buy.
    3000 days ago
    Great ideas! Glad you asked the question.
    3000 days ago
    I'm grateful that you asked the question. Looking forward to the responses!
    3000 days ago
    I also recommend the Leslie sansone..... shes simple enough to follow that you can turn off the audio and listen to something else....shes perky, but not to the point of murderous rage for me, and honestly, finding a fitness instructor that is not perky or a drill sargeant is difficult.... also almost all of her Dvds have options for length, so you can choose to do 10 minutes or 50, its up to you....

    Apologies for grammar, I'm checking in from my tablet and typing anything beyond periods and lowercase is a pain....
    3000 days ago
    i like the ones that are geared toward mature audiences. LOL. No Jillian for me. LOL.
    3000 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13425678
    I too recommend Coach Nicole's videos. There are many to choose among, they are available whenever you want one, and the instructions are both spoken and visual so you get good information about the correct way to do things - less likely to get injured. She often shows different ways to do the same move so you can make the routine suit your fitness level. You can add them to your fitness tracker easily, too. Once you've learned the routine you can work out to any music that moves you which makes it more fun which makes it easier to stick with. Also, Zumba is a blast - too hard on my knees to do it much but SO fun! There are dozens of Zumba workouts online and on DVD. And (as I may have said before) aqua aerobics is fabulous if you have access to a pool. The instructors (some more appealing, some less) are usually careful to say only do what is safe and comfortable for you - but also they can help you push a bit and you notice strength and endurance increasing after a few weeks. I hope you find a bunch of fun stuff!
    3000 days ago
    Anything by Coach Nicole is good. She is soooo sweet and easy to like. =)
    3000 days ago
    I am a fan of Jillian Michaels, with the caveat that she is definitely not for everyone. I like that she demands a lot of us who follow the workout, and she wants you to get stronger and better. I believe you could find some samples of her work online, so you can try her out before you commit to a DVD. I also do lots of TurboFire (kickboxing) led by Chalene Johnson-I don't find her too upbeat and annoying, and I enjoy the workouts. Now, TurboFire is pretty intense, so you may want to start with TurboJam, her first iteration of kickboxing workouts.

    I've also recently been looking into the Jessica Smith videos on YouTube. They are free, and she seems to have a lot of variety, from seated workouts to walking workouts, strength training, yoga, etc etc. They might be worth checking out.

    Good luck! Please keep us updated as to how the search goes.
    3000 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7658463
    If you go to www.totalfitnessdvds.com you can watch clips of the workouts to see which ones fit your personality type.

    Leslie Sampson is great. I do Richard also. Gosh there are so many workouts I love. It depends on your fitness level. If you watch the clips, you can make a good choice.

    Mary is the owner of the site. 10off is the discount code to receive 10 percent off.They ship for free if you spend 19.99 and they have a rewards program for every purchase. She is going to have a sale I think in April.
    3000 days ago
    I'm 64. cancer twice.

    I ordered a set of Zumba DVDs before Christmas and used the beginning DVD when I was snowed in in North Carolina in January. It was lots of fun.Definitely cardio, burns lots of calories if you are able to do it at their pace, but even though I didn't do as many reps as they did, I KNOW I was sweatin.
    And though the music has a distinctive latin style to it, many different type of dances are done. I am never bored with it.

    In February, I bought Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies DVD. I had the original years ago and thought it was a real work out back then. After Zumba it was very tame, but still fun.

    I could also recommend Leslie Sansone's Walk at home. She has you walk a mile in 14 minutes in the first work out. Easy to follow.

    I like jane Fonda's Firm and Burn. These are low impact, which my ankles need.

    I have some more which I haven't tried yet because I go to the pool for 1.5 hours everyday it's not cold and windy. I'll probably not use them until this summer when it will be too hot to walk outside or it's cooking up a thunderstorm and can't go to the pool.

    My others are
    Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole
    Cardio Blast (Coach Nicole)
    Moving Free, Longevity Solution by Mirabai Holland Cardio Dance Level 1

    All but the Zumba came from Amazon.com. I think I ordered the Zumba set from a TV infomercial but I'm sure you could find a beginners DVD at AMAZon.com. I really didn't need the set of 5 Zumba disks.

    Oh, by the way, if you become bothered by arthritis, water exercise, water aerobics, and Aqua Zumba classes are very helpful. (Silver Sneakers also has a class in the water.) I love the water classes!!
    3000 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/26/2013 8:45:09 PM
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I actually really like Jillian Michaels "Yoga Meltdown" - sure she's opinionated and mouthy, but her moves are simple in step 1 and complex in step 2 and you get a good workout and stretch at the same time.

    Lood guck. I would like to workout to showtunes. I'll be watching your respondents to see if anyone has good ideas.
    3000 days ago
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