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Which is easier? To choose to win or to accept defeat!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Each day we struggle to make the right choice. We believe that if we make the right choice, we will be winners. The media, sports, competition, video games and many other aspects of life reinforces this mentality. But at what cost and what is truly the objective? What does being a winner really mean?

If you lie, cheat, steal, fight, and use every resource to give a winning edge, will that ensure you a true victory when all is said and done? If weight loss or fitness were the race, would it help to lie, cheat, steal and fight with the facts to obtain your victory?

Today I decided to go for a walk. Since I haven't added fitness yet to my weight loss program and I plateaued this past week, I felt it was time to put out the effort. I decided to walk around my city block. This is a 4 mile walk! So as I am walking, I am thinking about how the first mile of the trip had nice curbed streets with a sidewalk and the terrain was flat. The second mile was along a paved road, was relatively flat but did not have a sidewalk. There was plenty of room to walk safely and I didn't have to walk on or directly next to the road. Now along the way, just as typical there were things alone the way that people had dropped, had flown off or out of a vehicle or had been dropped buy a person or animal (yuck) along the way. A few caught my attention like a unique tool that seems as though it were dropped by a cable installer, a large 1 1/4" chrome ball bearing which my son might like, a perfectly good, almost new plastic tarp and a perfectly good Nike' basketball that was fully aired up in a river wash. These were all distractions along the way! But after the momentary distractions, I got back on track and kept moving toward my objective. As I had been getting close to the first corner, just after the 1st mile and after I had only found the unique tool, I had the thought go through my head that if I turned back at the first corner, I could just do half the distance and still have a good first attempt workout of 2.5 miles! I decided not to give up and continue regardless of the obstacles I imagined ahead of me. As I stated there were some distractions but I kept going forward. I picked up some of the earthly rewards I found along the way and chose not to take the easy way out. The 3 mile had a very narrow shoulder with a bike path that was part of the right side roadway. It was on a slight incline and the path wasn't the most inviting route. I kept going! I noticed some guys working on the electrical lines on the other side of the road and stooped briefly to see if the tool I'd found was one that they could use which they said no but that maybe a telephone or video cable installer might use it. I continued to walk! I didn't bring water, It was warm and I was sweating. I came to the third corner at the end of the 3rd mile. There was a McDonald's across the street and I considered the idea that it was air conditioned, they had ice cold water and I could take a break. I decided to keep going even though the front ball of my foot felt like I was developing a blister or something was rubbing it inside my shoe. The last mile of my venture was like small rolling hills that didn't have a sidewalk and was a mixture of the 2nd and third types of terrain that lead me towards my home. Along the way I stopped and picked up the last item on my treasure hunt, the basket ball, which my son will definitely like and which now that I think of it, might be a new weight loss tool if I can motivate my self to play basketball with him. I finally got home, I was hot, I sweaty and I was thirsty while my foot was still hurting! I did it! I was home! Task complete! Um, I think I feel my muscles now! Where is the aspirin?

Was I a looser or a winner? Did I make the right choice/s? I set out to do something and I did it! Were the distractions along the way disqualifiers for my victory? I don't think so! Would any of the other choices that I had considered, if I had chosen them, defined me as a loser? I don't think so! I gained the victory I did, the way I did and regardless of the distractions that I allowed myself to get caught up in along the way! I didn't set definitive restrictions on my walk. My only desire was to do more than what I had done! If I had walk to the first corner and turned around, I would still have done more than yesterday. Or in other words, not to continue to fail in taking that first step towards action instead of no action is what give me the opportunity to claim victory! Next time I might choose a different route but now I know what that one looks like!

So what was the choice that made me a winner today? It was to do something different! It was to do something I had been considering doing! It was overcoming the things that kept me from doing it the other times I had thought about doing it and let them keep me from doing it! Now if I can claim that same victory again and again!

The easy way sometime seems like the right way! The way that requires less effort feels like the way to victory. We live 95% of our life in our head and when we let the arguments that we have with ourselves keep us from acting and doing what we know we should be doing, do we really win. It was easy gaining weight! It was easy sitting on the couch! It was easy to eat foods that exploded with flavor in my mouth. It was easy not fighting the temptation! It was easy believing the lie that I was happy with what I have rather than striving for what I could have because it was easier! If we push ourselves to win, we deserve the victory we earn. If we lie cheat and steal to claim the victory and even if we raise our hands and claim. I have won the fight, is it really a victory?

These are your choices! What have you set before yourself as goals? Will they be restrictive, keep your path to victory very narrow, making it impossible to win? Will you go after the victory regardless of what it takes to get to that broad goal that has no restriction! Or will they be plans that allows you some wiggle room as you move toward your goals a little at a time? You be the judge and then decide!

Will you be a winner today or will you claim defeat? I wish you well with whatever you choose! I will accept whatever decision you make knowing that your treasure is where your heart is!
I will reap the rewards of my choices and truth be told you will reap the rewards of yours!
Good or Bad!!!

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All of this was written and posted by the guy who is striving to be Health-4-U-N-I.
The pictures were sourced online from the locations indicated on them!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Absolutely love this! Very thoughtful and encouraging!
    2890 days ago
    Thanks for this blog. It has given me some things to think about today. So much of what you wrote is true to me. I feel as if I have given in to the mind telling me to go only half way. Take the easy way out. But I didn't feel like I accomplished anything. I think that I will go out outside today and walk.
    2892 days ago
    Thanks for your well-thought out blog.
    2892 days ago
    It's great you got out and hit the road! It's like the japanese saying, "The walk of a thousand miles starts with a single step", but what a difference that first step makes!

    I liked the following line: "We live 95% of our life in our head and when we let the arguments that we have with ourselves keep us from acting and doing what we know we should be doing, do we really win?"
    Oh so true, especially about the fact that we live in our heads, and our heads are so oft to provide us with easy outs - outs that you didn't take today! Way to go!!

    2893 days ago
    Thanks for this thoughtful blog. I am a winner today because I have put my computer on a buffet when I can stand to use it instead of sitting on the couch. While I am there, I try to march up and down while reading or watching a video.
    2893 days ago
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