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How The Lovely Limes have helped with my progress

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Lovely Limes are more like a family than a team, and I think that is the point of doing these challenges. Yes it is nice to lose weight, but being apart of a team family makes it extra special. I know if I have a bad day, I can post in the chatter box and get encouragement from not jsut the leaders but all of the family memebers on the team. Likewise, if someone else is having a bad day, they jsut have to post something, and wham here comes more family than you knew you had.

Help with progess comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is just reading other's comments about their days that helps put mine into perpective. Sometimes friendly compeption between team members is what is needed, and sometimes, it's playing a game to pass the time.

Team/Family Lovely Limes is one of the best decisons I've made since joining Spark People. I hope eveery one has the opportunity to join such a fun Team Family at some poin on their journey.
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