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A new PR????

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ok, not a new PR as far as race time goes but definitely a PR for memories and friendship!

I drove to Concord (Charlotte), NC on Sat and met WONDERWOMAN at the North Carolina HM Expo taking place in a Pit Garage at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Meeting her was WONDERFUL! We have sparked, emailed and texted for some time now and had this weekend planned for a LONG TIME! Then, she broke her ankle and then had to have surgery on that ankle in Jan. She insisted she was still doing this race.

The Expo really is nothing to write about. Pick up your bag, bib & shirt. Maybe 4 vendor tables. No big deal we were off to our hotel and then get some food - of course we had to go to Bass Pro Shop as well!!

Sunday morning wake up at 4 am and it is a down pour outside. We both say - we could just stay in bed where it is warm. But as Timothy would say - I had to pee and since I was up and the clothes were laid out.....

Up and at it - eat, drink, grumble, get dressed, try to pump each other up. Our plan was nice and slow with her ankles (one recovering and one with surgery scheduled) and hoped to make 3 hours but we had a 3 1/2 hour cut off.

Made it to the parking lot at the Speedway with no problems or delay. Don't see any sign of the shuttles so we walk to the Pit Garage - probably less than 7 min but it is raining, windy and cold.

Once we are in where it is warm we start meeting other fellow Half Fanatics so we can do the pre-planned photo prior to the race. Then it is off to the start line. The rain has stopped but it is still windy and cold. We are thankful for no rain though. Start out with a lap around the Speedway - so this is what it feels like to be Danica Patrick huh? Probably not. Fingers and toes are freezing but I think the movement has started to thaw them out. By mile 6 we are "warmed up" and running about 11 min miles. Not too shabby. Then, it hits - a downpour and it keeps coming....the rest of the race. Not a dry spot on our bodies. The rain has soaked through jackets, shoes, etc. Well, let me say that my tights kept my legs dry.....

We are heading back to the track and I am excited - I just KNOW the finish line is insight.....nope. Still have a last loop around the track and I swear the track is getting bigger by the moment. Next to the MCM this is the longest last mile I have EVER run!

WE DID IT!!! Through the finish line and the clock - 2:33:03! WHAT? WONDERWOMAN was amazing with her ankles. We are both in disbelief as we had walked quite a bit. Get our cool medals (it has flashing lights) and off to the garage so we can warm up. Refreshments galore.....bananas, bagels that were actually soft, hot chicken broth, jars (yes jars) of Biscoff spread from Belgium, water bottles, etc....

We changed into some warm dry shirts and headed back to the hotel where we proceeded to warm up in hot showers. Off to Dennys for a great post race breakfast and then it was nap time!

I truly enjoyed this weekend and although the race was crazy it was a great feeling to know you preserved.

Friendship and Racing....a new PR!

Charlotte Motor Speedway

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