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The Final Four....weeks

Monday, March 18, 2013

Part of this week's BLC21 - 12 Week Challenge is to look back at the Future Self blog and see how it's going.

I wanted my future self to: 1) lose 8 pounds, 2) lose inches, 3) increase cardio and log 1000 fitness minutes monthly, 4) have more energy.

Reviewing this last 8 weeks, I can say that with the exception of losing 8 pounds (only 3 , so far) my goals are pretty much on track. I have lost inches and definitely have more energy. Fitness minutes have become more consistent and I have logged at least 1000 minutes for January and February and am on track for March.

I wanted to be able to look back and say that I showed up every day, consistently and did not whine! Well, I can at least say, I've showed up consistently, but there has definitely been some whining. emoticon

The most important part of this 8 weeks, has been learning to track food. This was something that I been very inconsistent with. But it makes a HUGE difference. You can see where mistakes are made, how much indulgences affect progress...it's like Magic Pixie Dust!

I fell off track a bit in February with lots of indulgences and it has affected the weight loss. So going forward, I need to tighten up the clean eating and lay off sweets; continue to workout consistently and push my self to the next level safely.

So I will:

SHOW UP - everyday - consistently - like it's my job.
JUST DO IT - everyday - consistently - like it's my job.
NO WHINING - everyday - consistently! (I reserve the right to still whine a little bit okay - lol!)

Just Do It.

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